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    Chi-Squared Test

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    Statstics: AutoWrecks, Inc sells car insurance. Analyze moving violations

    AutoWrecks, Inc. sells auto insurance. AutoWrecks keeps close tabs on its customers' driving records, updating its rates according to the trends indicated by these records. AutoWrecks' records indicate that, in a "typical" year, roughly 70% of the company's customers do not commit a moving violation, 10% commit exactly one movin

    Chi-square Test Statistic

    A shoe salesman want to see if his female customers have a preference in the color of shoe purchased. What is the test value for the following data? Black Brown Red Navy White 48 32 13 18 23

    Test Hypothesis, significance level, decision rule, ANOVA table

    Please see the attached file for the table to problem 2 1. The manager of a computer software company wishes to study the number of hours senior executives spend at their desktop computers by type of industry. The manager selected a sample of five executives from each of three industries. At the .05 significance level, can sh

    Hypothesis Testing- Goodness of Fit

    A table showing the season in which the first 36 U.S. presidents died. Research question: At alpha=0.10, Can you reject the hypothesis that presidents' deaths are uniformly distributed by season? Month of Demise Deaths January-March 11 April-June 9 July-September 10 Oc

    Chi Square Distribution with Degrees of Freedom

    Chi-square distribution Use the calculator provided to solve the following problems. ?Suppose that X2 follows a chi-square distribution with 7 degrees of freedom. Compute P (X2 <=5). Round your answer to at least three decimal places. ?Suppose again that X2 follows a chi-square distribution with 7 degrees of freedom. Find k

    Chi-Square Test - Expected Frequency

    A chi-square test for goodness of fit is used to test whether or not there are any preferences among three brands of cola. If the study uses a sample of n = 60 subjects, then the expected frequency for each category would be?


    Question#1: Provide a business example that you can apply Chi-square to and state the null and alternative hypothesis. Example: There are 4 facilities that manufacture soap for the same company. The Company marketing the soap has had a significant increase in claims over the past few months. The claims are for broken bars, an

    Null and Alternate Hypothesis

    Okay Okay Okay....I have to admit that the Scott Peterson case is relatively easy....since I give you the Expected (behavior) frequency distribution. In reality, that is not going to be the case (most of the time in your academic research). If you come across a data table in a study and the researchers utlize the chi-square as t

    Chi-Square formula for Scott Peterson (Lacy Peterson) murder case

    Please see attached file. I am sure all of you are familiar with the Scott Peterson (Lacy Peterson Murder Case) case from 2001/2002? A jury found Scott guilty and he is on death row. One of the major concerns during this process was whether or not Scott will get a fair trial. I am sure it was hard to pick a juror who had

    Statistics: Test significance of red uniforms vs blue in amount of wins

    The color red is often associated with anger and male dominance. Based on this observation, Hill and Barton (2005) monitored the outcome of four combat sports (boxing, tae kwan do, Greco-Roman wrestling, and freestyle wrestling) during the 2004 Olympic games and found that participants wearing red outfits won significantly more

    Chi-square test of goodness of fit: Grade distribution

    A professor in the psychology department would like to determine whether there has been a significant change in grading practices over the years. It is known that the overall grade distribution for the department in 1985 had 14% A's, 26% B's, 31% C's, 19% D's and 10% F's. A sample of n=200 psychology students from last semester

    Chi square test for association: Finance & Income Range

    A random sample of 100 people were asked if their finances were worse, the same or better than this time last year. The sample was split according to their annual income and the results are shown in the table below. Finances Annual income Worse Same Better Under £ 15000 14 11 9 £ 1500

    Chi Square Goodness of Fit Hypothesis Test

    Please go to the website given below to answer and solve the following assignment: http://www.stat.wmich.edu/s160/chisquare/book/node3.html Chi Square Hypothesis Testing Use the numerical data from one of the data sets available through the Data Sets link on your website. Conduct the equivalent, nonpara

    Statistics Word Problems

    Can you please help solve the following problems; I am having a hard time working them out. Can you also show all work. I will need it due back by Monday May 31st. Thank You. 1. The director of golf for the Links Group wishes to study the number of rounds of golf played by members on weekdays. He gathered the following sample i

    Calculation of Chi Square Test for Goodness of Fit

    The student population at the state college consists of 55% females and 45% males. a) The college theater department recently staged a production of a modern musical. A researcher recorded the gender of each student entering the theater and found a total of 385 females and 215 males. Is the gender distribution for the theat

    Chi-Square Hypothesis Test: Male and Female IQ Scores

    Research results suggest that IQ scores for boys are more variable than IQ scores for girls (Arden & Plomin, 2006). A typical study looking at 10-year-old children classifies participants by gender and by low, average, or high IQ. Following are hypothetical data representing the research results. Do the data indicate a significa

    Analysis of variance and confidence interval, chi-square

    Out of the 15 study problems I am having trouble with 6. I want to compare my answers to yours. Can you please work the following problems, explaing how you got the answer and showing the tables from excel, please. It is very important I understand how you got the answers. 1. A sample of the reading scores of 25 sixth-grad

    Chi-square, Correlation, Multiple Regression

    See attached files. 1. A study indicated where different age groups primarily get their news: At the 0.05 level of significance, is there evidence of a significant relationship between the age group and where people primarily get their news? If so, explain the relationship Use the Chi Square file

    Chi square test: Smoking vs Tumour Index

    Cross tabulate and do a chi-square test on the following. Is there a relationship between the two variables given? Test at the level of alpha = 0.01. Why is Chi square appropriate here? Show all working. Smoking vs Tumour Index Smoking Non-smoker=0 Smoker=1 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 0 0

    One, Two-Sample Tests of Hypothesis, Variance, and Chi-squared Analysis

    Exercises 23 and 28 (Ch. 12) 23. A real estate agent in the coastal area of Georgia wants to compare the variation in the selling price of homes on the oceanfront with those one to three blocks from the ocean. A sample of 21 oceanfront homes sold within the last year revealed the standard deviation of the selling price

    Magazines, Reject Independence of Price and Longevity

    One study looked at of 234 magazines. Two pieces of information were collected on each -- its cover price and whether it continued to be published. The table below summarizes the data in a 4X2 contingency table. Notice that the last two rows suggest that the higher priced publications are more likely to survive. Can the apparent