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Chi-Squared Test

Statistic problems

1. What information is provided by the numerical value of the Pearson correlation? 2. In the following data, there are three scores (X, Y, and Z) for each of the n= 5 individuals: X Y Z 3 5 5 4 3 2 2 4 6 1 1 3 0 2 4 a. Sketch a graph showing the relationship between X and Y. Compute the

Hi square test of GOF

1. A watch manufacturer creates watch springs whose properties must be consistent. In particular, the standard deviation in their weights must be no greater than 2.0 grams. Fifteen watch springs are selected from the production line and measured; their weights are 8, 3, 4, 8, 1, 4, 4, 9, 9, 2, 8, 4, 9, 7, and 7 grams. Assume

Population variations, ANOVA table, Chi Square test

1) The following hypotheses are given: Ho=2 group 1= 2 group 2 Ha=2 group 1≠2 group 2 A random sample of eight observations from the first population resulted in a standard deviation of 12. A random sample of seven observations in the second population resulted in a standard deviation

Statistics: Chi square problems

Chapter 18: The Chi square statistics test: 2-The student population at the state college consists of 55% female and 45% males. a- The college theater department recently staged a production of a modern musical. A researcher recorded the gender of each student entering the theater and found a total of 385 females and 215

FlightStats, Inc: chi-square test

FlightStats, Inc. collects data on the number of flight schedules and the number of flights flown at major airports throughout the United States. FlfightStats data showed 56% of flights scheduled at four airports were flown during a three-day snowstorm. All airlines say they always operate within set safety parameters--if cond

Chi-square test: Retirees from health care organizations.

Finding and retaining good health care professionals requires an agressive recruitment effort. Since the demand for health care professionals is growing and the supply of these workers is not keeping pace, an untapped source of workers retired employees who may be interested in returning to work in a limited capacity. Nicole i

Statistics: Difference in proportion of viewers watching three TV channels

In Los Angeles there are three network television stations, each with it own evening news program from 6:00 to 6:30 PM. According to a report in this morning's local newspaper, a random sample of 150 viewers last night revealed 53 watched the news on KNBC (channel 2), 64 watched KABC (channel 7), and 33 viewed KCBS (channel 2).

Testing Goodness of fit

Sandeep is the admissions director of a small extended care facility. She schedules admissions Monday-Saturday and may have unscheduled admissions. She must work with the patient care director to schedule sufficient staff to ensure that new admissions can be properly processed without impacting the care of the rest of the pati

Correlations,Null Hypothesis,Chi-square,Scatter Plot Etc

1.You are given the following data ...Find the correlation coefficient, r . 2.Imagine that the correlation between years of education and happiness scores is .31. Describe what this correlation indicates 3.Describe a research question that would use a one-way chi square analysis. Create some data and enter it into the cells fo

Chi square test

This would be the hypothesis to use for independent chi square testing. Pools have always been a fun amenity to have when it comes to owning a home. However, the cost associated with having a pool can help a homeowner determine if they want a pool or not. Two townships, within the Denver, Colorado area, were looked at to see


The solution addresses Chi-Square statistical questions. 13.4 The t-table has entries for areas of 0.10,0.05,0.025,0.01, L0.005. In contrast, the x2-table has entries for those ar¬eas and for 0.995, 0.99, 0.975, 0.95, and 0.90. Explain why the t-values corresponding to these additional areas can be obtained from the existing

Chi square test of independence and goodness of fit

The Facts: Each year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) with the National Center for Statistics and Analysis (NCSA) publishes Traffic Safety Facts, which summarizes the motor vehicle traffic crashes for the United States. Traffic Safety Facts 2005 includes trend data, crash data, vehicle data, and peop

Internet Age Group

Where people turn for news is different for various age groups. A study indicated where different age groups primarily get their news: (See Attachment).

Testing Claims

Testing Claims (a) write the claim mathematically and identify Ho and Ha, (b) find the critical value(s) and identify the rejection region(s), (c) use the x square- test to find the standardized test statistic, (d) decide whether to reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis, and (e) interpret the decision in the context o

Chi Square Distribution for Two Independent Variables

1. When and how do you use a chi-square distribution to test if two variables are independent? Also, provide an example from your filed showing how you might use a contingency table for expected frequencies in your work. 2. How do you use the chi-square distribution to test if a frequency distribution fits a claimed distrib

Business Abuse

Computer abuse by employees is an ongoing worry to businesses. A study revealed the data shown in the chart below. Research Question: At a = .01, is the frequency of disciplinary action independent of the abuser's level of privilege? Computer Abuse Incident Cross Tabulated by Punishment and Privelege DATA CHART: Leve

Probabilities and statistics in insurance

3. An insurance company has two divisions, auto and property. Total annual claims, X, in the auto division follow a normal distribution with mean 10 and standard deviation 3. Total annual claims, Y, in the property division follow a normal distribution with mean 12 and standard deviation 4. Assuming that X and Y are independent,

Hypothesis Testing & ANOVA - Real World Example

1. After reading about how the ANOVA is used, and the value many researchers place on it, describe a situation, preferably from your work place, where this style of testing would be or could have been appropriate. 2. The Chi-square procedure has many uses in our daily living. Look around your organization or in your comm

Probability Distributions - Gamma and Chi Square

The attached deals with gamma and chi-square. If 15 observations are taken independently from a chi-square distribution with four degrees of freedom, find the probability that at most 3 of the 15 observations exceed 7.779. If 10 observations are taken independently from a chi-square distribution with 19 degrees of freedom,

When to use Chi-Square Distribution

When and how do you use a chi-square distribution to test if two variables are independent? Also, provide an example showing how to use the contingency table to find expected frequencies.

Accept or Reject Null Hypothesis and Chi Square

We want to calculate a chi-square statistic and compare it with the critical value to determine whether or not GPA is significantly related to another of the factors being studied (so as not to completely discount the survey data). They chose to examine the relationship between the GPA of students and

Hypothesis Testing Chi Square Test Statistic

Assume that a 2005 poll of 1000 American voters found that 76% of Republicans favored ending the tax on dividend income, as did 42% of Democrats and 54% of Independents. Also assume that Republicans comprise 45% of American voters, Democrats 45% and Independents 10%. a.What percentage of American voters are in favor of endin

Chi square test in SPSS

Interpret the following SPSS computer output for the chi-square test. Variable COMMUTE is "How did you get to work last week?" Variable GENDER is "Are you male or female?" GENDER

Chi-Square Test

Collapse the response categories in the following table so that it meets the assumption of the chi-square test; then perform the test. OWNERSHIP Education Owners Non-owners Less than grade 8

Chi-Square Test

Perform a chi-square test on the following data: (a) Regulation is the best way to ensure a safe workplace. Managers Blue-Collar Workers Agree 58 66 Disagree

Chi square testing problem

12.67 The sales representative performed an experiment to test whether sending the complete program tapes for review by customers would increase sales. They selected 80 customers from the mailing list and randomly assigned 40 to receive the sample tapes and 40 to receive the full-program tapes for review. They then determine

Quality Associates, Inc.: 5 Step Approach to Hypothesis Testing

Quality Associates, Inc. is a consulting firm that advises its clients about sampling and statistical procedures that can be used to control manufacturing processes. In one case, a client provided Quality Associates with a sample of 800 observations that were taken during a time when the client's process was operating satisfacto