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    Chi-Squared Test

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    Chi square testing problem

    12.67 The sales representative performed an experiment to test whether sending the complete program tapes for review by customers would increase sales. They selected 80 customers from the mailing list and randomly assigned 40 to receive the sample tapes and 40 to receive the full-program tapes for review. They then determine

    Quality Associates, Inc.: 5 Step Approach to Hypothesis Testing

    Quality Associates, Inc. is a consulting firm that advises its clients about sampling and statistical procedures that can be used to control manufacturing processes. In one case, a client provided Quality Associates with a sample of 800 observations that were taken during a time when the client's process was operating satisfacto

    Statistics Questions

    Instructions In all exercises, include MegaStat, Excel, or MINITAB exhibits to support your calculations. State the hypotheses, show how the degrees of freedom are calculated, find the critical value of chi-square from Appendix E or from Excel's function =CHIINV(alpha, deg_freedom), and interpret the p-value. Tell whether the co

    Chi square test statistics for Poisson distribution

    At a local supermarket receiving dock, the number of truck arrivals per day is recorded for 100 days. (a) Estimate the mean from the sample. (b) Calculate the expected frequencies assuming a Poisson distribution. Show your calculations in a spreadsheet format. (c) Carry out the chi-square test, combining end categories as nee

    Chi-Testing Analysis

    1. After tasting three different brands of Ammonia-Betel Nut Ice Cream, 100 tasters are asked to pick their favorite. The table below shows the number of tasters who prefer each type. Dr. Big Fingers Uncle Stain Scary Facebook Friend 39

    Chi square

    Chi-square goodness-of-fit test The Ellington Dukes are a minor-league baseball team in Ellington, Georgia. As with most other minor-league teams, the Dukes rely heavily on promotions to bring fans to the ballpark. These promotions are typically aimed at fans of specific ages. The management for the Dukes has planned its curre

    Chi-square goodness-of-fit test

    Chi-square goodness-of-fit test The Ellington Dukes are a minor-league baseball team in Ellington, Georgia. As with most other minor-league teams, the Dukes rely heavily on promotions to bring fans to the ballpark. These promotions are typically aimed at fans of specific ages. The management for the Dukes has planned its curre

    Definition and Description of Statistics

    Define / describe in your own words the following terms and give an example of each. a. F distribution b. F statistic c. Chi-square distribution d. T distribution e. Dependent samples f. Independent samples g. Degrees of freedom h. T statistic i. Paired difference

    Chi-Square test for Independence

    Problem 5. You are asked to conduct a study to determine if gender has any bearing on the choice of a dog or cat as a pet. You take a random sample of 350 adults and ask each what kind of pet they would prefer, a dog or a cat? The results of your poll are summarized in the following contingency table: Male Female Dog 70


    An obstetrician wants to learn whether the amount of prenatal care and the wantedness of the pregnancy are associated. He randomly selects 939 women who had recently given birth and asks them to disclose whether their pregnancy was intended, unintended or mistimed. In addition they were to disclose when they started receiving pr

    Analysis of GSS data in SPSS

    1. The speed of an airplane in miles per hour is a ___________________ variable. 2. A football team's rank is a ___________________________variable. 3. The __________________ for a set of data is found by adding all the data values and dividing by the number of items. 4. The range or the ______________________________ can be

    Statistical Evidence of Discrimination Cases and Chi-Square

    In cases we do not know the underlying theoretical distribution we resort to non-parametric statistics. The Chi-square is such a statistic. Formal testing for evidence of discrimination in the bank supervisor case using the Chi-square statistic: This study found that 21 out of the 24 males were selected for promotion while

    Hypothesis testing problems for Standard Test Scores.

    1. Calculate all measures of central tendency for data that are interval or ratio in measurement 2. Calculate the standard deviation for data that are interval or ratio in measurement 3. Assume this is a sample of students, calculate a t-test that compares boys and girls on the number of absences (you can assume equal variance

    Question about Chi square testing problems

    11. The bank credit card department of Carolina Bank knows from experience that 5% of the card holders have had some high school, 15% have completed high school, 25% have had some college, and 55% have completed college. Of the 500 card holders whose cards have been called in for failure to pay their charges this month, 50 had

    Chi Square Test: Does vehicle type vary by mall location?

    A student team examined parked cars in four different suburban shopping malls. One hundred vehicles were examined in each location. Research question: At α = .05, does vehicle type vary by mall location? (Data are from a project by MBA students Steve Bennett, Alicia Morais, Steve Olson, and Greg Corda.) Vehicles Applied

    Chi square test for cola preference

    Can people really identify their favorite brand of cola? Volunteers tasted Coca-Cola Classic, Pepsi, Diet Coke, and Diet Pepsi, with the results shown below. Research question: At alpha = .05, is the correctness of the prediction different for the two types of cola drinkers? Could you identify your favorite brand in this kind o

    Research methods, t-test, ANOVA, Chi-square, and other statistics

    1. Select the best statistical analysis technique for the following research topics. Be very precise about your statistical choice. For example, there are several types of t tests, correlations, and ANOVA tests. Make sure you specify exactly which statistical analysis technique you would use, e.g. One-Way Anova. a. You wa

    Chi square test with .05 significance

    You run a chi-square test. The critical value for this test at the .05 level is a chi-square of 6.21. What value must your obtained chi square statistic be in order to be considered significant at the .05 level?

    Calculation of probability for normal, t , f, and chi square distributions.

    Fill in the P(X = x) values in the table below to give a legitimate probability distribution for the discrete random variable X, whose possible values are -2, -1, 4, 5, and 6. Value x of X P(X = x) -2 0.24 -1 0.19 4 0.12 5 6 Let X be a random variable with the following probability distribution Value x of X P(X =

    Chi Square Test on GSS Data in SPSS

    1. Given the chart below and the related tests, answer the following questions: a. Looking at the contingency table, does there appear to be a linear correlation between general happiness and how many partners the respondent had sex with in the last year? Why? b. What does Gamma results tell you about the variables? c. What d

    Binomial distribution and significance levels

    Consider a large population of families with three children each. If the genders of children in any family are independent of one another, the number of male children in any family will have a binomial distribution based on three trials. Suppose a random sample of 160 families yields the following results. test significance leve

    Chi-squared test, ANOVA test and parametric

    Explain what a Chi-Squared Test is used for and give an example how you could possibly use this test. What is an ANOVA test? Create an example where this test could be used. Compare and contrast parametric and non-parametric tests. What example can you give where the non-parametric test could be used?

    Statistics - Chi Square.

    3.7. An excellent problem to practice our 'goodness of fit' skills... >>> uses the Chi-Square test and distribution << < The following information shows the number of employees absent by day of the week at a large a manufacturing plant. At the .01 level of significance, is there a difference in the absence rate b

    Test of Hypothesis using Chi Square test

    A random group of apartments was selected from a city to analyze the number of bedrooms they have. Is there evidence to reject the hypothesis that the apartments are equally distributed between One Bedroom, Two Bedrooms, and Three Bedrooms apartments, at = .05? Types of Apartments One Bedroom Two Bedrooms Three Bedrooms

    Significance Level

    There are three loan officers at Farmer National Bank. All decisions on mortgage loans are made by one of these officers. The president of the bank would like to be sure that the rejection rate is about the same for the three officers. A sample of 200 recent applications yielded the following results. Is the rejection rate relat

    Chi Square Test Charity Solicits Donations Data

    A charity solicits donations by phone. From long experience the charity's director reports that 60 percent of the calls will result in refusal to donate, 30 percent will request more information via the mail, and 10 percent will result in an immediate credit card donation. For a sample of 200 calls last week, 140 refused to don

    Chi square goodness of fit test for shopping preference

    The manager of a Farmer Jack Super Market would like to know if there is a preference for the day of the week on which customers do their shopping. A sample of 420 families revealed the following. At the 0.05 significance level, is there a difference in the proportion of customers that prefer each day of the week? Day of the

    Chi Square and ANOVA

    These hitter data were collected on 6-23-2004 and represent the top 50 hitters in Major League Baseball on that date. Perform the following analyses on the data, interpret your findings and summarize what each analysis means. 1. Chi square analysis - Do th


    NEED TO USE ATTACHED SPREADSHEET, ALL CALCULATIONS IN EXCEL I need to determine whether the distribution of 100 scores in normally distributed. (see attached spreadsheet and please use template for answers) Perform a chi-square goodness-of-fit test. Report and interpret the computed p-value. What can you conclude about norm