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Chi-Squared Test

consumer organization and statistics

1) A consumer organization wants to know whether there is a difference in the price of a particular toy at three different types of stores. The price of the toy was checked in a sample of five discount stores, five variety stores, and five department stores. The results are shown below. Use the .05 significance level. 2) A s

Chi-Square Test for Help-Seeking Behavior of Different Classes

Conduct Chi Square Tests of Significance for the following analyses conducted by a counselor to determine help-seeking behavior across gender and social class of the clients in his clinic. Use the five-step model of hypothesis testing for each analysis. Help-Seeking Behavior | Lower Class | Working Class | Middle Class | Uppe

Hypothesis Testing: Chi square test

Government Spending The 1998 General Social Survey asked a sample of adult American whether they think the federal government spends too little, the right amount, or too much money on various programs. The responses concerning the space program, categorized by political leaning, are summarized in the table below. It is though

Chi square test for goodness of fit.

A teacher figure that final grades in the statistics department are distributed as A,25%, B, 25%, C, 40%, D, 5%, F, 5%. At the end of the randomly selected semester, the following number grades were recorded. Use the Goodness-of-Fit test to determine if the grade distribution for the department is different than expected. Sta

Chi square test problems

1. Paramertic test (such as t or AVOVA) differ from nonparametric test (such as chi-square) primarily in terms of the assumptions they require and the data they use. Explain these differences. 2. A researcher obtained a random sample of n=60 students to determine whether there were any significant preferences among three lea

Managerial Decision Making - Statistics Problem

Refer to the Baseball 2002 data, which reports information on the 30 Major League Baseball teams for the 2002 season. Set up a variable that divides the teams into two groups, those that had a winning season and those that did not. There are 162 games in the season, so define a winning season as having won 81 or more games. Next

Chi square test

A wholesaler has recently developed a computerized sales invoicing system. Prior to implementing the new system, the manager of the store believes that the following are in fact the percentages of the number of the errors per invoice: Errors per invoice 0 1 2 3 More than 3 Percentages .87 .08 .03 .01 .01 Afte

Explain an Ellipse Fitting Solution

The first topic concerns a solution for ellipse fitting [Attachment: FittingEllipse.pdf Michael J. Aramini, Ellipse-Fitting,, May 2007]. 1. The expression being minimized (left hand side looks like chi-square): A. Is it chi-square? B. If it is chi-square, what i

Independent and dependent variables problem

Please help question the following problem. A random sample of 100 adult workers, 60 men and 40 women, is selected in a large Midwestern city. Of the group, 42 men and 17 women are union members. Does union membership differ on the basis of gender? State the independent and dependent variables.

Chi square test for independence problem


Earl Babbie Measure of Association nominal level variable exercise

Below is hypothetical data representing the relationship between 2 nominal level variables, race and political party affiliation. YOU MUST SELECT A MEASURE OF ASSOCIATION (Lamda) appropriate for examining the relationship AND COMPUTE IT SHOWING YOUR CALCULATIONS & INTERPRETING THE RESULTS!!!!!

Hypothesis Questions

1. What is the null and alternative hypothesis to test whether a person?s educational level is dependent or independent of his or her race/gender classification? 2. Looking at the p-value, would you accept or reject the null hypothesis? 3. What are the implications of your test for education and demographic characteristi

Null hypothesis, chi-square, t-test

3). Data from the 2002 GSS show that 84.3 percent (198 out of 235) of females and 75 percent (198 out of 264) of males are in favour of requiring gun permits. You wonder whether there is any difference between males and females in the population in their support for gun permits. Use a test of the difference between proportions w

Two samples: estimating the ratio of two variances

72. A random sample of 20 students obtained a mean of x = 72 and a variance of s2 = 16 on a college placement test in mathematics. Assuming the scores to be normally distributed, construct a 98% confidence interval for sigma^2. 78. Construct a 90% confidence interval for (sigma^2)1/(sigma^2)2 in Exercise 43. Were we jus

Chi Square test of independence

The top executives of Company X would like to reduce the blood pressure of hapless employees. They came up with a miracle drug call MiracleOww. Unfortunately, there may be a side effect, abnormal anxiety, associated with the miracle drug. When they carried out a clinical test of the miracle drug, employees were randomly divid

Hypothesis testing involving standard deviations

68. Past experience indicates that the time required for high school seniors to complete a standardized test is a normal random variable with a standard deviation of 6 minutes. Test the hypothesis that sigma = 6 against the alternative that sigma < 6 if a random sample of 20 high school seniors has a standard deviations s = 4.

Stats Study Guide

See attached file for full problem description. 49. _____________ frequencies are the actual number of observations that fall into each class in a frequency distribution or histogram. a. Expected b. Uniform c. Observed d. Independent e. Dependent 50. _______________ frequencies are the n

Chi-square test of independence, goodness of fit

1) Suppose we have a multinomial population with four categories: A, B, C, and D. The null hypothesis is that the proportion of items is the same in every category. The null hypothesis is H : p = p = p = p = .25 º ª b c d A sample

Chi square test of Independence.

15. Where do women most often buy casual clothing? Data from the U.S. Shopper Database provided the following percentages for women shopping at each of the various outlets. Outlet Percentage Outlet Percentage Wal mart 24


When testing for goodness-of-fit with Benford's law, it is necessary to combine categories because not all expected values are at least 5. I don't understand this , use one category with leading digits of 1 , a second category with leading digits of 2,3,4 5 and a third category with leading digits of 6,7,8,9.Are the expected va

Chi Square Test for independence of attributes

Question : Prof. H. Elp Me- John, a mathematics counselor, is interested in the relationship between math anxiety and the successful completion of the introductory college math course. A random sample of 300 college students enrolled in the introductory college math course were given a test to measure their anxiety level on

Chi Square Test for Independence of Attributes

Question : A quality control engineer wants to compare the production process of parts manufactured by four different companies. The engineer randomly samples a total of 270 parts from the four companies and summarizes the results in the following table. Based upon the results of the sample, can the quality control engineer c

Multinomial experiments: Chi square test

Births. Randomly selected births records were obtained and results are listed in the table below (based on data from the National Vital statistics Report, Vol. 49, No.1). Use a 0.05 significance level to test the reasonable claim that births occur with equal frequency on the different days of the week. How might the apparent

Interpretation of results of a chi-square test

Interpretation of results of a chi-square test:"Effects of crude oils on the Gastroinstestinal parasites of two species of Marine fish" For full details of problem, see attached JPG file.

Using a Chi Square Test: Types of Vehicles

Question: Use the given contingency table to (a) Find the expected frequencies of each cell in the table. (b) Perform a chi-square test for independence. (c) Comment on the relationship between the two variables. Assume the variables are independent. The contingency table shows the results of a random sample of 500 ind

Chi Square test of Independence for Pricing scam

1. In a study of store checkout scanning systems, samples of purchases were used to compare the scanned process to the posted prices. The accompanying table summaries results for a sample of 819 items. Regular-priced items Advertised-special items Undercharge 20 7 Overcharge 15 29 Correct price 384 3

Goodness of Fit Test

The results from a survey are below: Item Number of Votes Doughnuts 20 Apple Turnovers 6 Doughnut Holes 5 Bismarcks 4 Pomegranate Cookies 5 Based upon all of this information, do a "goodness-of-fit" test to see if the distributions are th