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Chi-Squared Test

Test of Independence - Couples in the Workforce

Samples taken in three cities, Anchorage, Atlanta, and Minneapolis, were used to learn about the percentage of married couples with both the husband and wife in the workforce (USA Today, January 15, 2006). Analyze the following data to see whether both the husband and wife being in the workforce is independent of location. Use

Goodness of Fit Test - Automobile Accidents Per Day

The number of automobile accidents per day in a particular city is believed to have a Poisson distribution. A sample of 80 days during the past year gives the following data. Do these data support the belief that the number of accidents per day has a Poisson distribution? Use a=.05 Number of Accidents Observed Frequency (d

Goodness of Fit Test - Occurrences per Time Period

Data on the number of occurrences per time period and observed frequencies follow. Use a=.05 and the goodness of fit test to see whether the data fit a Poisson distribution. Number of Occurrences Observed Frequency 0 39 1 30 2 30 3

Chi square test analysis

Directions: You may include the statistical software output, but you must also include a well-written explanation of the findings. Be sure to answer the question asked in each problem, and explain why, with reference to your output. If you calculate the answers manually, be sure to show your work. I would prefer a Word document

Chi square test in different practical applications

1. Sixty-four students in an introductory college economics class were asked how many credits they had earned in college, and how certain they were about their choice of major. Research question: At alpha = .01, is the degree of certainty independent of credits earned? Certainty Credits Earned Very Uncertain Somewhat Certain Ve

Confidence Interval and Hypothesis Testing

#7: In a test of the quality of two television commercials, each commercial was shown in a separate test area six times over a one-week period. The following week a telephone survey was conducted to identify individuals who had seen the commercials. Those individuals were asked to state the primary message in the commercials.

Chi square test for sports

Is there an association between ethnic background and interest in sports in the population ? Can you say anything else about this relationship? ETHNICITY EUROPEAN ASIAN AFRICAN OTHER TOTAL YES

ANOVA and Chi square analysis

Attached are two subject problems for review and completion. Please use MS EXCEL application to make the computations. treatment 1 // treatment 2 // treatment 3 8 3 3 6 2 4 10 4 5 9 3 4 Test the hypothesis that the treatment means are equal. Use the .05 significance level. 1 state the null and the alternate hypoth

Hypothesis Testing using Chi-square

A researcher selected a sample of 50 residents from each of three different cities to determine if they were willing to participate in a medical experiment. At a = .05, test the claim that the proportions who will participate are equal. Residents City 1 City 2 City 3 Willing to participate 20

Hypothesis Testing using Chi Square test of independence

This table lists the sugar content of two types of apples from three different orchards. At a=.05, test the claim that the sugar content of the apples and the orchard where they were grown are not related. Sugar Content Orchard 1 Orchard 2 Orchard 3 Apple Type 1 3 2 7 Apply type 2

Probability & Statistics

A college surveyed it's current students about the educational background of their parents and separated the results by program. The results are below: (see attached) Does this data provide evidence at 1% significance level that the educational attainment of their parents impacts on student's choice of program?

Create a scenario for applying the Goodness of Fit application of Chi-square.

1. Create a scenario for applying the Goodness of Fit application of Chi-square. State the hypotheses, the level of significance, the result and its meaning. 2. Create a scenario for applying the Contingency Table application of Chi-square. State the hypotheses, the level of significance, the result and its meaning.

Chi-Square - Absenteeism among assembly workers is of concern

1. Absenteeism among assembly workers is of concern. In particular, there may be a relationship between the day of the week on which absence occurs and the type of job performed by the worker. Workers are classified as skilled, semiskilled and laborer. A random sample of days absent was selected from records kept over the past

Calculations for Statistics Problems

Use the following Scenario to answer questions 1 - 3. 1. 800 employees of OxCo Mfg. were surveyed to evaluate the company's pension plan. The table below displays some of the results of the survey. Rating of Pension Plan Years employed Excellent Good Fair Poor Row Total Under 10 yrs 24

Questions about the chi-square (X^2) statistic

True or False 1. The X^2 test statistic is a random variable that is based on frequencies. 2. The chi-square test for independence is a non-parametric statistical test because no parameters are estimated 3. Observed frequencies in a chi-square goodness-of-fit test for normality may be less than 5 or even 0 in some cells

Chi Square Test

1. Calculate the average number of each color you have in the bags. (I had 5 different colors and the average number in my 10 bags is 54). 2) Then using a chi square test - compare it to the expected value - which will be the average number in the bags divided by the number of colors you have. Use the chi square formula the

Statistics - Hypothesis test - Chi Square test

Please see attached file with two questions with charts. Thank you! Here we examine the relationship between social class and spending on welfare and education. Lower Class Working Class Middle Class Upper Class Spending on welfare Too little 18 59 73 4 About right 12 109 132 10 Too much 16 142 121 12 Total

Basic Statistics and Probability Institutions

Hi, Would like some assistance with the following statistics problems in the attachment. Thanks. 1. The UAA Writing Institute finds that 30% of the general population in Alaska is left handed. a. If 6 people are randomly selected, find the probability that between 3 and 5 are left handed. b. If 6 people are rando

Chi-square Contingency Table Test for Independence

Question 1 Q1. DO NOT USE SPSS (except for the purpose of checking) in your answer to this question. A car insurance company wishes to investigate the risks that it is incurring when it insures customers who drive two particular types of cars. One part of this investigation is concerned with the ages of claimants. It has there

Chi-Square Test - prostate cancer

Hello, I have also attached this same problem in a word document. Thank you. Medical researchers followed 6272 Swedish men for 30 years to see if there was any association between the amount of fish in their diet and the incidence of prostate cancer. (The data are collected from an article in Lancet, June, 2001.) The data

A political science professor is interested in finding out whether there is a relation between political affiliation and attitude towards a recent Supreme Court ruling about challenges to federal affirmative-action programs. According to the information, what can be concluded about the relationship he is interested in studying? Use the 8-step hypothesis testing procedure.

1. A political science professor is interested in finding out whether there is a relation between political affiliation and attitude towards a recent Supreme Court ruling about challenges to federal affirmative-action programs. He samples a group of registered voters at random and organizes the data collated in the contingency t

Chi square test Baby boomers

Please see attached file for full problem description. Are baby boomers more likely to increase their investing now that they are reaching middle age? A poll was conducted in which 400 investors were classified according to their age group and their likely investment over the next five years versus the last five years. 200 in

Small management consulting firm written and oral proposals

A small management consulting firm presents both written and oral proposals in an effort to get new consulting contracts. Records indicate that the probability distribution Pxy(x,y) of X = number of oral proposals in a week and Y = number of written proposals in that week is given by the following table:

Chi-Squared Goodness of Fit Test

See attached file for full problem description including exponentials and diagrams. --- Problem More than one teacher has given the following advice: choose answer C when blindly guessing among four answers in a multiple choice test, since C is more often the correct answer than either A, B, or D. Suppose that we take a r


(1) In a contingency table a sample of 400 people is classified by gender and hair color (4 groups: blond, brown, black, and red). How many degrees of freedom are there? A. 3 B. 8 C. 399 D. None of the above. (2) To find the expected frequency in a contingency table A. Take the square root of the degrees of freedom.