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    Chi-Squared Test

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    Chi-Square Statistic: Schizophrenia and Season Correlation

    Although the phenomenon is not well understood, it appears that people born during the winter months are slightly more likely to develop schizophrenia than people born at other times. The following hypothetical data represent a sample of 50 individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia and a sample of 100 people with no psychotic dia

    Chi-square Test-Home team advantage in football games

    To investigate the phenomenon of "home team advantage" a researcher recorded the outcomes from 64 college football games on one Sat. Of the 64 games, 42 were won by home teams. Does this result provide enough evidence to conclude that home teams win significantly more than would be expected by chance? Assume that winning and los

    Chi square statistic: Test for goodness of fit & independence; heart disease

    Help needed for chi square statistic on this problem: A study suggested that personality type is related to heart disease. Specifically, type A people,who are competitive, driven, pressured, and impatient, are more prone to heart disease. Suppose that an investigator would like to examine the relationship between personality

    Statistics: State the decision rule; compute value of Chi-Square

    See the attached file. The null hypothesis and the alternate are: H0: The frequencies are equal H1: The frequencies are not equal a. State the decision rule, using the .05 significance level b. Compute the value of chi-square c. What is your decision regarding Ho? Please complete the problem in excel with formulas t

    Chi Square Test of Variance of Independent and Dependent Samples

    Question 1 A bar owner is interested in customer preference for three (3) different brands of beer: Molson's, Corona, and Guinness. One hundred twenty customers are randomly selected and are asked to taste each beer and indicate their preference. The population from which the customers were drawn showed no particular preference

    Statistics: Chi-Square cockpit noise in an aircraft; blue color in M&M candy bags

    1. High levels of cockpit noise in an aircraft can damage the hearing of pilots who are exposed to this hazard for many hours. A Boeing 727 co-pilot collected 61 noise observations using a handheld sound meter. Noise level is defined as "Low" (under 88 decibels), "Medium" (88 to 91 decibels), or "High" (92 decibels or more). The

    Statistics: Student credits earened; parked cars in four different shopping malls

    1. Sixty-four students in an introductory college economics class were asked how many credits they had earned in college, and how certain they were about their choice of major. Research question: At α = .02, is the degree of certainty independent of credits earned? Observed frequencies Credits Earned Very Uncertain Som

    The Thinking Channel: Chi-square goodness-of-fit test, p value, test statistic

    Executives at The Thinking Channel have decided to test whether the educational backgrounds of the channel's viewers are different from the educational backgrounds of American adults (ages and over) as a whole. The executives have the following information on the American adult population as a whole, obtained from a recent U.S.

    Chi-square test-Grade assignment

    7) A professor teaching introductory psychology gave 25 As, 35 Bs, 60 Cs, 30 Ds, and 20 Fs to 170 students in her class. According to the normal curve, she should have given about 4% As, 14% Bs, 64% Cs, 14% Ds, and 4% Fs. Use the chi-square test to determine whether the actual grade assignment significantly departed from a norma

    Chi-Square Test and Probability

    5) A rhesus monkey was trained to make same-different judgments about pairs of objects. For 50 trials, the animal was shown pictures of objects; it made correct judgments on 43 of the trials. Use the chi-square test to determine whether the animal had generalized its learned response from objects to pictures of objects. Note: Th

    Statistic problems

    1. What information is provided by the numerical value of the Pearson correlation? 2. In the following data, there are three scores (X, Y, and Z) for each of the n= 5 individuals: X Y Z 3 5 5 4 3 2 2 4 6 1 1 3 0 2 4 a. Sketch a graph showing the relationship between X and Y. Compute the

    Hi square test of GOF

    1. A watch manufacturer creates watch springs whose properties must be consistent. In particular, the standard deviation in their weights must be no greater than 2.0 grams. Fifteen watch springs are selected from the production line and measured; their weights are 8, 3, 4, 8, 1, 4, 4, 9, 9, 2, 8, 4, 9, 7, and 7 grams. Assume

    Population variations, ANOVA table, Chi Square test

    1) The following hypotheses are given: Ho=2 group 1= 2 group 2 Ha=2 group 1≠2 group 2 A random sample of eight observations from the first population resulted in a standard deviation of 12. A random sample of seven observations in the second population resulted in a standard deviation

    Statistics: Chi-Square Tests

    Question # 1 T/F: One advantage of the chi-square tests is that they can be used when the data are measured on a nominal scale. A.true B. false Question # 2 A chi-square test for goodness of fit is used to test whether or not there are any preferences among three brands of cola. If the study uses a sample of n =

    Chi Square

    The student population at the state college consists of 55% females and 45% males. a. The college theater department recently staged a production of a modern musical. a researcher recorded the gender of each student enetering the theater and found a total of 385 females and 215 males. Is the gender distribution for theater goe

    Statistics: Chi square problems

    Chapter 18: The Chi square statistics test: 2-The student population at the state college consists of 55% female and 45% males. a- The college theater department recently staged a production of a modern musical. A researcher recorded the gender of each student entering the theater and found a total of 385 females and 215

    FlightStats, Inc: chi-square test

    FlightStats, Inc. collects data on the number of flight schedules and the number of flights flown at major airports throughout the United States. FlfightStats data showed 56% of flights scheduled at four airports were flown during a three-day snowstorm. All airlines say they always operate within set safety parameters--if cond

    Significance level

    In a particular market there are three commercial television stations, each with its own evening news program from 6:00 to 6:30 P.M. According to a report in this morning's local newspaper, a random sample of 150 viewers last night revealed 53 watched the news on WNAE (channel 5), 64 watched on WRRN (channel 11), and 33 on WS

    Chi-square test: Retirees from health care organizations.

    Finding and retaining good health care professionals requires an agressive recruitment effort. Since the demand for health care professionals is growing and the supply of these workers is not keeping pace, an untapped source of workers retired employees who may be interested in returning to work in a limited capacity. Nicole i

    Testing Goodness of Fit ..

    SAMPLE ON HOW QUESTION SHOULD BE ANSWER IS ATTACHED. 1) In 1-2 sentences describe the topic of the chi-square issue; 2) set up the null and alternative hypothesis; and 3) set up 3 categories (you may use more categories but not to exceed 7) in a chi-square application, each category with a real (or hypothetical) number of obs

    Statistics: Difference in proportion of viewers watching three TV channels

    In Los Angeles there are three network television stations, each with it own evening news program from 6:00 to 6:30 PM. According to a report in this morning's local newspaper, a random sample of 150 viewers last night revealed 53 watched the news on KNBC (channel 2), 64 watched KABC (channel 7), and 33 viewed KCBS (channel 2).

    Testing Goodness of fit

    Sandeep is the admissions director of a small extended care facility. She schedules admissions Monday-Saturday and may have unscheduled admissions. She must work with the patient care director to schedule sufficient staff to ensure that new admissions can be properly processed without impacting the care of the rest of the pati

    Statistics: Difference in quality of lightbulbs for Saturn auto

    Four brands of lightbulbs are being considered for use in the final assembly area of the Saturn plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee. The director of purchasing asked for samples of 100 from each manufacturer. The numbers of acceptable and unacceptable bulbs from each manufacturer are shown below. At the .05 significance level, is th

    Correlations,Null Hypothesis,Chi-square,Scatter Plot Etc

    1.You are given the following data ...Find the correlation coefficient, r . 2.Imagine that the correlation between years of education and happiness scores is .31. Describe what this correlation indicates 3.Describe a research question that would use a one-way chi square analysis. Create some data and enter it into the cells fo

    Chi square test

    This would be the hypothesis to use for independent chi square testing. Pools have always been a fun amenity to have when it comes to owning a home. However, the cost associated with having a pool can help a homeowner determine if they want a pool or not. Two townships, within the Denver, Colorado area, were looked at to see


    The solution addresses Chi-Square statistical questions. 13.4 The t-table has entries for areas of 0.10,0.05,0.025,0.01, L0.005. In contrast, the x2-table has entries for those ar¬eas and for 0.995, 0.99, 0.975, 0.95, and 0.90. Explain why the t-values corresponding to these additional areas can be obtained from the existing