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Chi-Squared Test

Chi-squared Test and Goodness of Fit

In a classical experiment, Gregor Mendel observed the shape and color of peas that resulted certain crossbreedings. A sample of 556 peas was studied with the result that 315 produced round yellow, 108 produced round green, 101 produced wrinkled yellow, and 32 produced wrinkled green. According to Mendelian theory, the frequencie

Hypothesis test CHI-SQUARE TEST

Sixty-four students in an introductory college economics class were asked how many credits they had earned in college, and how certain they were about their choice of major. Use á = .01 RQ: Is the degree of certainty independent of credits earned? Fill in the Green cells in the attached worksheet. Credits Earned

Nonparametric Testing: Goodness of Fit and Chi Square Test

Simulation: See attached handout for the data. RQ: Are the proportion of M&M Peanut Chocolate Candies meet the corporate population proportion? Conduct a hypothesis test with a 95% confidence level. 1. State the hypothesis 2. State the decision rule 3. Calculate the test statistic (X² is on the handout) 4. Make a


Recognize a contingency table (cross-tabulation of frequencies). Find degrees of freedom and use the chi-square table of critical values. Perform a chi-square test for independence on a contingency table. Perform a goodness-of-fit (GOF) test for a uniform distribution. Explain the GOF test for a Poisson distribution. Use co

Hypothesis testing - Chi Square.

15.3 Students applying for admission to an MBA program must submit scores from the GMAT test, which includes a verbal and a quantitative component. Shown here are raw scores for 100 randomly chosen MBA applicants at a Midwestern, public, AACSB-accredited business school. Research question: At α = .005, is the quantitative

Multiple choice questions from chi square test

1)The values in a chi-square distribution are always greater than 0 and A. are normally distributed. B. less than 1. C. can be quite large. D. are negatively skewed. ----------------------------------------------------------------- 2)In a 3 x 4 contingency table, there are A. four levels of each variable. B. two le

Chi square test for goodness of fit .

A distributor of personal computers has five locations in the city of Orlando. The sales in units for the first quarter of the year were as follows. At the (0.01) significance level, do the records suggests that sales are uniformly distributed among the five locations? And is the null hypothesis rejected or not, and why?

Chi square test for goodness of fit

The personal manager of a firm is concerned about absenteeism. She decides to sample the records to determine if absenteeism is distributed evenly through the six-day work week. The null hypothesis to be tested is: Absenteeism is distributed evenly throughout the week. The 0.01 level is to be used. The sample results are: (Chi-S

Chi square test for association

In a study similar to one conducted by Fallon and Rezin (1985), a psychologist prepared a set of silhouettes showing different females body shapes ranging from somewhat thin to somewhat heavy and asked a group of women to indicate which body figure they thought men would consider the most attractive. Then a group of men were sh

Chi-Square test for association

Apparently there is a huge amount of misunderstanding concerning how the process of visual perception works. Specifically, many people believe (incorrectly) that at least part of looking at things involves energy going out of the eyes rather than energy coming into the eyes. This misunderstanding seems to be more common among

Chi Square Tests

I am having trouble completing this problem. I know what it is asking for but calculating it has me completely stuck. Please help!!!! Exam scores of 40 students in a statistics class are shown. (a) Estimate the mean and standard deviation from the sample. (b) Assuming that the data are from a normal distribution, define bin

Important information about Chi square test for goodness of fit.

A group of department store buyers viewed a new line of dresses and gave their opinions of them. The results are below: Because the largest number (47) indicated the new line is outstanding, the head designer thinks that this is a mandate to go into mass production of the dresses. The head sweeper (who somehow became involved

Chi Square

Sixty-four students in an introductory college economics class were asked how many credits they had earned in college, and how certain they were about their choice of major. Research question: At α = .01, is the degree of certainty independent of credits earned? Prof. Green's multiple-choice exam had 50 questions with th

Chi square - Random Samples of Different Scenarios

1. A public policy researcher would like to know whether spending on cities and spending on the environment are statistically dependent. The following data were collected from a random sample of constituents in the voting district. 2. The US Department of Justice wanted to determine whether the sex of a person murdered is rel

Chi square: if there is no connection between weight and average number of hours spent watching TV, we should expect how many children to be spending 3-6 hours on average watching TV and who are more than 10 lbs. underweight?

Recent studies have found that American children are more obese than in the past. The amount of time children spent watchitg television has received much of the blame. A survey of 100 ten-year-olds revealed the following data as shown in the table below with regard to weights and average number of hours a day spent watching tele

Understanding chi-square distribution: A hypothesis test in Excel.

There are three loan officers at Farmer National Bank. All decisions on mortgage loans are made by one of these officers. The president of the bank would like to be sure that the rejection rate is about the same for the three officers. A sample of 200 recent applications yielded the following results. Is the rejection rate relat

A chi square hypothesis test.

A research organization has collected the following data on household size and telephone ownership for 200 U.S. households at the 0.05 level, are the two variables independent? Based on the chi-square table, what is the most accurate statement that can be made about the p-value for the test?

Chi-Square Testing

The following data is taken from a customer satisfaction survey for a food product. Perform a Chi-square test to test the claim of whether a statistically significant relationship exists between the customer's satisfaction level and decision to repurchase the food item again. You may use the manual method of calculation, or sho

Chi Square

A personnel manager is concerned about absenteeism. She decides to sample the records to determine if absenteeism is distributed evenly throughout the six-day workweek. The null hypothesis to be tested is: Absenteeism is distributed evenly throughout the week. The 0.01 level is to be used. The sample results are: Day of

Hypothesis testing using Chi square distribution.

A recent study by a large retailer designed to determine whether there was a relationship between the importance a store manager placed on advertising and the size of the store revealed the following sample information: Observed Frequencies (sample) Important Not Important Total Small

Sample size & Chi-square questions

1. Why do the critical values from the Chi-square distribution get larger as the degrees of freedom get larger? Recall that this is opposite the pattern for the t-table. 2. Why is choosing sample size important(with specific reference to proportions)?

Goodness of Fit

Ten Experiments were done to find the effects of bonus rates paid to the sales team. What is the line of best fit through the following results? How good is the fit? %Bonus 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Sales('00s) 3, 4, 8, 10, 15, 18, 20, 22, 27, 28

Hypothesis testing: Chi Square test

Observed Frequencies Degree of certainty Very certain somewhat certain Very certain Total Credit earned 0-9 12 8 3 23 10-59 8 4 10 22 60 or more 1 7 11 19 Totals 21 19 24 64 Test whether the degree of uncertainty is related to the credit earned.

Chi-Square Analysis of Distribution and Deviation of Any Sample

Three samples of Drosophila heterozygous for the recessive genes black body (b) and rough eyes (r) were inbred and the following data were obtained. A. perform a chi-square analysis for each sample assuming a 9:3:3:1 distribution. B. Is there a significant deviation in any of these samples? Use the table attached.

ChiSquare test for goodness of fit

The author drilled a hole in a die and filled it with a lead weight, then proceeded to roll it 180 times. (Yes, the author has too much free time.) The results are given in the frequency distribution in the margin. Construct the frequency distribution for the outcomes that you would expect from a die that is perfectly fair an

Chi-Square test for goodness of fit

Perform a Chi-Square Goodness of Fit (GOF) test to determine whether there is a difference between the observed values versus the expected values expected. The null hypothesis should be there is no statistical difference between the expected and observed distribution, and the alternate hypothesis is that there is a statistical d

CHi-Square test

15.8 In a three-digit lottery, each of the three digits is supposed to have the same probability of occurrence (counting initial blanks as zeros, e.g., 32 is treated as 032). The table shows the frequency of occurrence of each digit for 90 consecutive daily three-digit drawings. (a) Make a bar chart and describe it. (b) Calculat

Photo Modifications: Distribution of Responses and Preferences

A researcher is investigating the physical characteristics that influence whether a person's face is judged as beautiful. The researcher selects a photograph of a women and then creates two modifications of the photo by (1) moving the eyes slightly farther apart and (2) moving the eyes slightly closer together. The original phot