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    Chi-Squared Test

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    Statistics: Multicollinearity / chi-square distributions

    Question 9: When does multicollinearity occur in a multiple regression analysis? Choose the right answer: a. The dependent variables are highly correlated b. The independent variables are minimally correlated c. The independent variables are highly correlated d. The independent variables have no correlation Question 1

    Explain the main assumption of chi-square tests

    Discuss the main assumption for using a chi-square test. Find a research article that uses chi-square and explain why it was the right test and how the assumption plays into it. response is 290 words plus a peer-reviewed article that used chi-square tests to support their work (attached).

    Chi-square for 2X2 contingency table: Hemorrhaging Rates

    The drug Ancrod was tested in a double-blind clinical trial in which subjects who had strokes were randomly assigned to get either Ancrod or a placebo. One response variable in the study was whether or not a subject experienced intracranial hemorrhaging. The data are provided in the following table. Use a chi-square test to det

    Chi Square Hypothesis Test

    1. The student population at the state college consists of 55% females and 45% males. A. A researcher recorded the gender of each student entering the theater and found a total of 385 females and 215 males. Report the chi-square value; do you reject the null hypothesis? B. The same researcher also recorded the gender of each

    Statistics Dataset Sub-Samples

    The dataset contains a sub-sample of 308, 4th and 6th grade students from Michigan created by Chase and Dummer. In this dataset we posit the question, "Are students personal goals choices related to their gender, and does this relationship differ by grade level?" In the answer, you will investigate the relationship between st

    Chi-Square Goodness of Fit test in Excel: Normally Distributed

    See attached data file. Need help performing a Chi-Square Goodness of Fit test to determine whether or not the prices of all 90 cars in the attachment are normally distributed. Please provide a short write-up in Word that interprets your output and a file that provides the statistical output or calculations in Excel P

    Statistics: Flat tire, missed class, Benford's Law, Global Warming, Helmet Color

    Chapter 11, Section 2 Problem 8 Conduct the hypothesis test and provide the test statistic, critical value and/or P-value, and state the conclusion. Flat Tire and Missed Class - A classic tale involves four carpooling students who missed a test and gave as an excuse a flat tire. On the makeup test, the instructor asked t

    Define Log-Linear Models for Chi-Square Analysis

    Please describe and define what the chi-square analysis is, the conditions under which it is used, and how it compares to the Pearson Correlation. ALSO describe and define what log-linear modeling is and the conditions under which it is used. Do not forget the operational definitions and examples!

    Distribution Free vs. Non-Parametric

    1. What is the distinction between distribution-free methods and nonparametric methods? 2. In a chi-square analysis, the expected count in one of the cells is 2.1. Can you you conduct the analysis? If not, what can be done? If question 2 requires excel or graphs, please add them.

    Chi-Square Hypothesis Test for Playing a Slot Machine

    A person purchased a slot machine and tested it by playing it 1,245 times. There are 10 different categories of outcomes, including no win, win jackpot, win with three balls, and so on. When testing the claim that the observed outcomes agree with the expected frequencies, the author obtained a test statistic of xsquared=10.413.

    Chi-square Test for Goodness of Fit:Safety of corporate bond

    1. Seven percent of mutual fund investors rate corporate stocks "very safe," 58% rate them "somewhat safe,." 24% rate them "not very safe," 4% rate them "not at all safe," and 7% are "not sure." A poll asked 529 mutual fund investors how they would rate corporate bonds on safety. The responses are as follows. Safety Ratin

    Research and Evaluation Problems 3-35, 3-75, 15.18

    See attached file for the tables. 3-35. A research firm wants to compare the miles per gallon of unleaded regular, mid-grade, and super premium gasoline. Because of differences in the performance of different automobiles, seven different automobiles were selected and treated as blocks. Therefore, each brand of gasoline was te

    Test Statistic for selected non-fatal occupational injuries and illnesses

    Randomly selected non-fatal occupational injuries and illnesses are categorized according to the day of the week that they first occurred, and the results are listed below (based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics). Using a 0.05 level of significance (? = 0.05), test the claim that such injuries and illnesses occur

    Hypothesis Test

    Describe a 5-step hypothesis test utilizing the chi-squared "goodness of fit" technique) for a particular claim related to your work or life environment. You need to state the claim, define the null and alternate hypotheses, identify the test significance and the test statistic, and state the decision rule that will be used. T

    Chi-Square - Normal Distribution of credit card customer balances

    See the attached file. (13.26) The outstanding balances for 500 credit-card customers are listed in file XR13026. Using the 0.10 level of significance, examine whether the data could have come from a normal distribution. Data is given in the spread sheet. Balance

    Chi-square test for goodness of fit: One-day Absences

    See attached file. (13.17) From the one-day work absences during the past year, the personnel director for a large firm has identified the day of the week for a random sample of 150 of the absences. Given the following observed frequencies, and for α = 0.01, can the director conclude that one-day absences during the v

    Statistics: Sample scenario using Chi squared goodness of fit methods

    Please respond to the following questions: 1.  Not using any example in the given Week 3 reading article, provide a sample scenario that can be addressed using Chi-squared goodness of fit methods 2.  Apart from the Chi-squared goodness of fit test, what is another goodness of fit test?

    Central Tendency for Standard Test Scores

    I need assistance in with practice problems. Data for Practice Problems Standard Test Scores Name Gender Absences PE Math Writing Reading Alex Boy 5 49 85 86 80 Anthony Boy 18 51 39 71 75 Douglas Boy 1 82 74 78 79 Jorge Boy 4 56 66 68 60 Joshua Boy 5 83 79 78 77 Luke Boy 0 94 89 84 84 Robert Boy 17 36 36 56 50

    BioStatistic: Binomial distributions, significance level, two sided P value

    6.23 Fisher [1958] presented data of Geissler [1889] on the number of male births in German families with eight offspring. One model that might be considered for these data is the binomial distribution. This problem requires a goodness-of-fit test. (a) Estimate Π, the probability that a birth is male. This is done by usi

    Chi-Square Goodness-Of-Fit-Test

    Apply the Chi-square goodness-of-fit test, using either the critical-value approach or the p-value approach, to perform the required hypothesis test. 13.28 The American Automobile Manufacturers Association compiles data on U.S. car sales by type of car. Following is the 1990 distribution, as reported in the World Almanac.

    Statstics: AutoWrecks, Inc sells car insurance. Analyze moving violations

    AutoWrecks, Inc. sells auto insurance. AutoWrecks keeps close tabs on its customers' driving records, updating its rates according to the trends indicated by these records. AutoWrecks' records indicate that, in a "typical" year, roughly 70% of the company's customers do not commit a moving violation, 10% commit exactly one movin