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    Chi-Square Test & Significance of Correlation

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    A - What is our decision regarding the differences between the observed and expected frequencies if the critical value of chi-square is 9.488 and the computed value is 6.079?
    1 - The difference is probably due to sampling error and we should not reject the null hypothese.
    2 - Not due to chance; reject the null hypothesis
    3 - Not due to chance; do not reject the null hypothesis
    4 - Too close; reserve judgment.

    B - A hypothesis test that rho is zero is conducted at the 5% level of significance. If Spearman's rho is 0.86 for a sample of 15 observations, what is the computed value of the t statistic?

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    A - What is our decision regarding the differences ...

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    The solution provides step by step method for the calculation of test statistic for significance of correlation coefficient. Formula for the calculation is also included.