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Chi-square Test of Goodness of Fit

6.21 Infant deaths in King Country, Washington were grouped by season of the year. The number of deaths by season, for selected causes of death, are listed in Table 6.13.

Table 6.13 Death Data for Problem 6.21

Winter Spring Summer Autumn
Asphyxia 50 48 46 34
Immaturity 30 40 36 35
Congenital malformations 95 93 88 83
Infection 40 19 40 43
Sudden infant death syndrome 78 71 87 86

(a) At the 5% significance level, test the hypothesis that SIDS deaths are uniformly (p = ¼) spread among the seasons.

(b) At the 10% significance level, test the hypothesis that the deaths due to infection are uniformly spread among the seasons.

(c) What can you say about the p-value for testing that asphyxia deaths are spread uniformly among seasons? Immaturity deaths?

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