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    Statistics:Significant food preferences in student populatio

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    The college is planning to add a food vendor in the student union and would like to know what type of food service the students would prefer. A sample of 120 students is obtained and each student is asked to select his/her preference from a coffee shop, a pizza place, or a hamburger grill. The resulting frequency data are shown in the table below.
    Coffee Pizza Hamburger
    53 37 30
    (a) Do the data indicate any significant preferences among the three types of food service? Test at the .05 level of significance.
    yes, there are significant preferences no, there are no significant preferences

    (b) A similar survey of the student population 10 years ago found that a coffee shop was preferred by 20% of the students, and pizza and hamburger were each preferred by 40% of the students. Find the expected frequencies for the chi-square test.

    Do the data indicate a significant change in preferences during the past 10 years?
    yes, there has been a significant change in preferences no, there hasn't been any change in the population proportions
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