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Workplace & Political

Social problem in the workplace

Summarize your views on how a specific contemporary social problem is having an impact on your workplace or on workplaces known to you. Identify the problem, and describe what you see as the causes, impacts, and possible solutions to the problem.


How might sociologists study aggression in the workplace? Identify possible reasons for violence in the workplace. Provide a concrete example of workplace violence from a recent news article. How might this incident have been averted?

Teamwork, Collaboration and Conflict Resolution

Hello. Please assist in putting together a summary of these objectives of 150 to 200 words: Objectives Identify barriers to creativity. Employ techniques for encouraging creativity in problem solving. Compile a problem solving plan. Rate the effectiveness of team performance.

Political Sociology

Hello, I need some help doing an outline for a paper I need to write on HIV/AIDS. Here are things I need to discuss: 1) How history, culture, and society all shape how law developed and continues to develop. 2)The historical and societal responses to HIV/AIDS that has shaped law, and how it has been applied to individuals

Workplace Observation

Please Help. I need assitance to complete the following paper: Wal-Mart Prepare a 700-1,050-word paper in which you describe the observable aspects of your organization's culture. Address your perceptions of at least three or four of the following aspects in your paper: a. How communication flows b. Organizational diver

Women in parliament

Why are women poorly represented in parliament and other positions of political leadership? How can this be changed? Name some countries that have led in going well beyond the 30 percent mark often regarded as a critical mass among specialists on the subject. Why does the United States rank so low (currently 66th) on such a scal

Discussion of the use of referendums in the U.S.

Is the growing use of referendums a threat to democracy or its salvation? Take a position for or against referendums, take a point of view opposite that of which you would normally support and provide examples so it will help you get a view from the other side.

Working Agreement:

Hello, I needHelp in putting together a Hypothetical Working Agreement for a particular situation/case. The scenarios are a given and I really do not know where to start or what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am attaching the pertinent sections of my assignment so as to present all the details. Thank. The Tex

Overused Questions: Interviews

Help: What happens when the interviewer overuses questions? ------------------------------- Text I am using: Interviewing in Action - Relationship, Process and Change. Second Edition Authors - Bianca Cody Murphy and Carolyn Dillon, Chapters 5 and 6.

Has the workplace changed over time?

Has the workplace changed over time? What is the socialization process of the workplace (Is there one? Has it changed?), the work culture (Is there one? How is it transmitted?), causes of change, and how can changes have affected workers?


What is biodiversity and how are humans impacting it? Is maintaining biodiversity essential for human sustainability? What can be done to maintain today's current biodiversity levels?

The Industrial Revolution & Biogeochemical Cycles

Please help me wiith these questions: 1. Revolutionary changes in human culture have greatly changed the relationship between humans and the environment. How have the Neolithic and Industrial Revolution impacted the natural environment, and what is meant by the Environmental Revolution? 2. The recycling of elements is an

Poverty Cut-offs in Canada

I am doing a paper on poverty trends in Canada. I have a question: What does the Canadian government use as a standard of measure to determine who lives below the poverty line? Thanks.