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Referendums in the U.S.

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Is the growing use of referendums a threat to democracy or its salvation? Take a position for or against referendums, take a point of view opposite that of which you would normally support and provide examples so it will help you get a view from the other side.

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This solution debates the growing use of referendums in United States from a position of either being a threat to democracy or its salvation.

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Referendum is defined as the placing of an issue, existing or proposed statute, proposal or action etc., to be voted upon by the public, with an intention to collect the opinion about such action or proposals, to decide up on its implementation or continuance (http://www.legal-explanations.com/definitions/referendum.htm). The referendum or plebiscite is a form of direct democracy ideally favoring the majority. Referendums provide a useful and potentially significant vehicle for increased direct political participation - helping to strengthen democracy. Voter turnout in general elections, local and federal elections has been in decline. Referendums will help to create the sense of a participatory democracy - giving people real power and influence on important social and political issues (http://tutor2u.net/politics/content/topics/elections/referendum_arguments.htm).

First, referendums help to mobilize consent on contentious issues (http://tutor2u.net/politics/content/topics/elections/referendum_arguments.htm). For example, "abortion rights supporters collected tens of thousands of signatures on petitions to force the referendum vote after the South Dakota state legislature enacted the law, aiming to make it the basis for a test case of Roe v. Wade's support on the Supreme Court after the addition of two Bush ...

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