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    Principles of Constitutional Design

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    Discuss the principles of constitutional design and the additional features that most constitutions expect. Discuss why some countries do not include the additional features and use specific examples to support your answer.

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    1. Introduction - what is this paper about? 100 words.
    2. The main principles of constitutional design - 100 words.
    3. Expected features in a Constitution - 100 - words.
    4. Why some countries are selective - 100 words.
    5. Example of said countries - 100 words.

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    On the Principles of Constitution Design

    How do you put together a nation's constitution? This question had been answered by America's founding fathers and re-answered time and time again to get the US Constitution as relevant as possible to the needs of the country. But this question is one that must be asked and then answered by founding fathers and leaders of nations all over the world as well as their citizens, whose interests in the laws and the document that holds the nation together is no less than those of the lawmakers and leaders who are tasked to put the document together. Public administrators and political scientists have come up with specific principles over the years and I offer their ideas here. What I set here is the 'standard' offered in practice. It cannot be said, however, that it is the only ideal as Constitutions must fit the context and needs of the people. Lutz (2006) shares this idea having said - "A fundamental fact about constitutional design is that there is no optimal model, no clear set of rules for matching a people and their situation with a set of institutions, and no inherently stable or superior constitutional system."

    Constitutional Design Principles

    Constitution comes from the Latin word 'constitutio' which simply means regulation and orders. Lutz (2006) refers to the need for local order and the proliferation of nation-states as the fuel behind the constitutional ...

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