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Panama Canal Article Summary & Review

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I need assistance summarizing the attached article. The summation could be a page to a page and a half of the highlights of the article. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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The article on the Panama Canal highlights some of the problems with ratification of the treaty ceding the canal to the country of Panama in 2000. Historically the canal has been built and managed by the United States and was in the early part of the 20th century a major strategic advantage to the U.S. However in the later half of the century, its significance became reduced by other measures and transportation options. The handing over of the canal to Panama was not a return, but a turnover since the original acquistion, which as one senator put as, "stolen fair and square," was from Columbia.

The lack of information and understanding about the treaty, supported by Presidents from ...

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The solution is a guide that summarizes and reviews an article by Edwin Warner on the ceding of the Panama Canal treaty back to Panama in the year 2000, listing key arguments and highlights on the politics and realities behind Panama Canal as an economic, political and international subject.