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Service Interaction & Workplace Roles

Compare and contrast the role of the employer, customer and worker in service interactions. Explain how the worker may manipulate the service interaction. Define emotional work and explain when and why "losing it" and "burnout" may occur.

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Service Interaction: Employer, Customer and Worker

What is a service interaction? To understand this, we need to keep in mind the products delivered by the service industry which comes as the provision of performance in terms of expert labour and skill. In the IT industry for instance, maintenance of software and hardware products purchased is done through a service interaction. Service interaction is the essence of the service industry as it is the event of connection and interaction between the service provider and the service recipient (the client). The interaction can come in several forms - it could be face to face (in person), over the telephone, via email or indirectly (i.e. via regular updates over publications, text messages, etc). What is important is that whatever interaction there is between client and provider, employer, the customer and the worker must be able to meet their standards for a successful interaction.

What are these standards? The employer usually has a set of checklist to judge service interactions. How many clients were served? What was their ...

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The solution is a 783-word essay that compares and contrasts the roles of the employer, customer and employee/worker in a service interaction. Manipulation in a service interaction according to role is also discussed. Emotional work and the concepts of 'losing it' or 'Burnout' are also included. References are listed for easy expansion. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.