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Positive/Negative Roles within A Group

The team concept requires each group member to assume a role. What 2 positive roles do you feel you could assume in a team and why?

There are also negative roles that group members assume. As a leader who wants effective teams, choose 2 negative group roles and discuss how you would intervene in order to have a more positive group.

The concept of human relations in the workplace has evolved as the changes in society have evolved. Such changes include technology, diversity, tolerance, respect of authority, work ethic, and crime/violence. Currently in your organization, what is an issue that needs to be addressed to provide a positive work environment? As the leader of your organization, how will you address this issue?

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Two positive roles I could assume in a team are the roles of information seeker and energizer. As information seeker I would clarify suggestions, and assure that the information presented within the group was fact based and pertinent to the problem being discussed. I would be good at this role because I am able to stay on track, and deftly interpret and seek information given by others, reviewing it for accuracy. I would be great as the energizer because I have the ability to speed groups along without seeming impatient, am polite, yet assertive, and motivate others to stay on task while making progress, reminding them of the end goal.

Negative roles include the dominator, the person who wants to be all important, asserting superiority and trying to overpower the group with his or her opinions and ideas. As group leader I would intervene to stop the dominator by politely but firmly suggesting that he/she needs to step ...

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This solution discusses the positive roles one could assume within a group. It also discusses the negative roles, and how to intervene to have a more positive group. In addition, it addresses a current issue within human relations in the workplace that must be addressed to provide a positive work environment, and how to address it. It includes a link and examples.