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    Workplace Observation: Wal-Mart

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    Please Help. I need assitance to complete the following paper:


    Prepare a 700-1,050-word paper in which you describe the observable aspects of your organization's culture. Address your perceptions of at least three or four of the following aspects in your paper:
    a. How communication flows
    b. Organizational diversity
    c. Dress and language
    d. Conflict management
    e. Organizational policies
    f. Technology
    g. Artifacts, symbols, and stories

    Use APA formatting.

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    Your solution is also attached as a word file. I am not entirely sure about your position within your organization so I made some assumptions. This solution is your guide; use it to fit your situation accordingly.

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    Wal-Mart organizational Culture

    Of Culture

    Culture happens within groups. It contributes, established and builds identity. It is the traditions, manner of communication and preferred way of doing things that comes to be as the group matures and grows in terms of age and members. The group, a social organization could have come to be by choice, primary, secondary or referential - formal or informal. In a bigger setting, we can refer to any nation as a massive secondary & referential social group, an intricate society made up of smaller, primary and secondary groups with its own established perspectives, philosophies, practices and traditions. Hence when we talk of 'Culture' image of practices pertaining to particular nations & social groups or 'tribes' come to mind. This is of course appropriate & right. The thing is, culture is universal and is not limited within this notion. Each family, big (clans) or small for example has established traditions. A family is a primary social group, the primary source/venue of an individual's socialization. For example, it is established tradition among American families to celebration Thanksgiving with family members & loved-ones through a turkey dinner. Being that Thanksgiving dinner and the traditional turkey feast is shared by just about every American family, it is seen as shared national culture. Some families though have specific practices - our family for example celebrates Thanksgiving together with the anniversary of my parents. It's a tradition only specific to us.

    Communication Flow, Language & Organizational Diversity

    The communication flow within our organization is affected by, or more appropriately, structured according to the organizational hierarchy. Each employee has a specific role dictated by the nature of his job. I work as a cashier therefore I report directly to my line manager who in turn reports to the ...

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    The solution is a simulation that takes Walmart as a workplace for observation whereby organizational/workplace culture is analyzed including the following: communication flow. diversity, language, conflict, management, policies, technology and other culturtal/organizational aspects. This solution will be of value to students looking at sample essays of workplace observation analysis.