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    Sociology of Culture

    Macro Social Systems

    Macro-systems theories seek to make sense of the behavior of large groups of people and the workings of entire societies. To begin we will look at the three most prominent macro-system theories in sociology: functionalism, conflict theory, and interationism. These theories vary in their usefulness for analyzing any particula

    Religious Bigotry and Thomas Merton's message

    Analyze the concept and consequences of religious bigotry, integrating Thomas Merton's ideas (espcially in relation to his "saying yes" ideology) into your discussion. ATTACHED are the lecture notes and Merton's quote -- all in the same word doc. minimum 500 words


    1. Define the term enculturation and identify different types of media and how they influence enculturation. Please explain 2. Identify different gender stereotypes in media advertising. Please explain and provide examples.

    Mcdonaldization of Society

    Define and discuss the Mcdonaldization of society how this transition takes place today. What are the four principles that McDonald's success was predicated upon and what were the most important of these factors.

    Rituals Related to Private and Public Events

    Think about rituals that you have experienced in your own private life or in various public events. What purpose(s) do you think these rituals were intended to serve? Why did the persons involved choose to engage in those specific ritual actions? What ritual events does your culture connect with death? What are the purpose(s) of