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    Religious Bigotry and Thomas Merton's message

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    Analyze the concept and consequences of religious bigotry, integrating Thomas Merton's ideas (espcially in relation to his "saying yes" ideology) into your discussion.

    ATTACHED are the lecture notes and Merton's quote -- all in the same word doc.
    minimum 500 words

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    The concept of religious bigotry is a very old concept indeed, due to the fact that every individual that has some form of religious belief, and believes that his or her religious belief or doctrine is the true and only path to enlightenment and or salvation in many cases. Through this belief, there is a subconscious development of a belief in the superiority of his or her belief system, and invariably his or her own superiority due to their affiliation with that given belief system or religion. This is a very dangerous mentality that many individuals start to take in relation to their religious faith, and it is through this belief that many individuals start to look down upon other religious faiths, and or view those that practice those faiths as inferior as well. It is from these inner beliefs that religious bigotry begins to develop and formulate within an individual's mind over time, starting with their ...