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Personal Constructs and Social Perspectives

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Could someone explain the concept of personal constructs? What is a personal construct? How are personal constructs related to social perspectives? What is the relationship between personal constructs and behavior?

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Personal Constructs

A personal construct pertains to anything an individual perceives and interprets within their mind, which could be interpreted differently by someone else. Kelly, the founding theorist, felt that all humans are trying to make sense of their reality. In trying to make sense of the world around us, we develop personal constructs to help us sort through everything and everyone we come in contact with. Personal constructs we create are then tested and retested in our environment. They shape how we perceive the world around us, and how we interpret if something is good or bad, happy or sad, safe or dangerous, etc.

The child in this scenario developed her personal constructs of messy versus clean. Imagine a child learning the difference between a messy room and a clean room. How ...

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The expert explains the concepts of personal constructs. The social perspectives are related.

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