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alignment of perceptions with the influence of society

The Statement is: I have heard that the stronger the influence of society about certain issues, the more likely our perceptions will be in alignment with the viewpoints of society as a whole.

I agree with this statement above to a certain point. I believe that there is a great deal of debate on certain issues such as politics, religion, abortion, etc. On some issues, I think it holds true that there is a certain degree of conformity, but on other issues, I think it is healthy to have the debate and nonconformity as a whole.

1). Why do you think this happens on some issues and not others?

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I think we agree on issues with a low level of complexity and ambiguity or uniform impact. Since all issues are not the same size and the same degree of uncertainty, we vary in the amount of conformity across topics. For instance, many, if not most, people agree that we should not kill each other. All the major world religions embrace this stance. While there are exceptions, such as war and self-defense, the general agreement that killing is bad except in special circumstances runs across the globe. However, if you ...

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