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Perception Discussion

What are your thoughts on the content of the discussion below as it relates to perception? Do you agree or disagree? Why

Taste perception. As we know, there are tiny taste buds on our tongue, which sense the items we put into our mouths. However, recent research has shown that these taste buds simply pass along information about sweet, sour, salty and bitter substances to the brain to tell you what you are eating and help you to decide whether you want more (Brody, 1992). From there, your brain perceives how well the food tastes, and whether you want to partake in it again

Consciousness seems to be useful for inferring the intentions and goals of others, which benefits our own interpretations of the world and our ability to plan our own behavior. Our perception of situations comes from observation of those people and things around us, which is greatly influenced by society and its expectations of its members. We are able to perceive how to act and react, and even think and feel about situations based on societal expectations.

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I am in agreement with this discussion as it relates to perception, due to the fact that taste perception indeed involves the interplay between the taste buds and our brain in deciding as to whether ...

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The taste of perception is determined for the brain. Inferring intentions of consciousness is examined.