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Historical impact of John Lennon

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This solution discusses how one person has impacted the history of modern man. I am choosing John Lennon, because I believe his message was one of peace and unity for mankind.

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As you summarize his life briefly, John Lennon was born as John Winston Lennon in Liverpool, England on October 9, 1940 (http://www.johnlennonandthemercystreetcafe.com/lennonbio.html). It is ironic that his life embodied a pacifist stance since he was born "during a blitzkrieg attack by the German Luftwaffe" (http://www.johnlennonandthemercystreetcafe.com/lennonbio.html). His creative spirit manifested as Lennon attended the Liverpool College of Art. In 1957, he then formed a group called the Quarrymen before the Beatles were formed.

In terms of his activism, he actively protested the Vietnam War. His song, "Give Peace a Chance," "...was sung by half a million Vietnam War protestors at the second Vietnam Moratorium Day in ...

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