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    Paper on a Personal Model of Helping (Person Centered Therapy)

    Please help me get started on a 2,100- to 2,800-word paper on your personal model of helping. Incorporate learning from this course and discuss how and why you have, at this point in your development, formed your viewpoints. You can choose a model that has been covered in your text or any other available model, but you are expec

    How Social Workers Use Abnormal Psychology

    How do social workers utilize the concepts of abnormal psychology? The focus is to assist families or people who are victims of abuse. A social worker may take on the role of providing counseling, giving advice, and helping people find direction to improve their situation

    Partializing goals is the focal topic.

    This job partializes the following goals into smaller objectives. What is the broad goal and component objectives? Freydia is a 27-year-old mother who has been using crack cocaine for 4 years. Her children, ages 7 and 9, have been removed from her care by Child Protective Services and are currently living with her mother. Fr

    DSM-IV-TR diagnosis for a woman following a break-up with her boyfriend.

    A 30+ year old woman attorney told a friend that she is upset about breaking up with her boyfriend. They had been going together for 5 years and she thought they were going to get married. The patient blamed herself for the breakup. She explained that the boyfriend complained about constantly needing to reassure her that he stil