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Marriage Therapist Ethical Considerations

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Marriage and family therapist is dealing with the client who has committed infidelity. I am working on a paper is based on a case study and an ethical dilemma, the dilemma is confidentiality in trying to resolve this case.

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A therapist's job is to help the client. The client's best interest is the interest of the therapist. It is also the therapist's responsibility to establish the limits of confidentiality at the beginning of the ...

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How should a marriage and family therapist handle infidelity in the therapy setting?

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Discuss ethical issues that are frequently encountered in group counselling where the client is not an individual but a group such as a family or a marital couple. Group counselling presents with special confidentiality problems. How should these issues be addressed by the counsellor in the therapeutic context? Discuss unique ethical issues associated with "termination".

Please use CCPA and any of the three articles that i included. Thanks,

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