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Counselor Self-Care

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In light of the tremendous responsibility counselors have in others' lives, the need to develop and maintain competency, wellness, and overall good health is imperative. In what specific ways do you plan to implement methods of self-care to maintain your overall wellness as a helping professional? Also, evaluate the benefit of personal counseling as a method of self-card.

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Self-care is very important as a counselor. Without self-care a counselor is likely to suffer from compassion fatigue and burnout quickly. There are a few things I do to maintain self-care. The first thing is I keep myself in check. This will make more sense as I go on. But what I have are checks in place to make sure I do not burn out. If I start to get overwhelmed, then I step back and reassess the situation. Sometimes it is just simply that I have not done my other self-care techniques. Sometimes I am just too engrossed. The latter is the one that seems to happen too much for me. I get too emotionally involved. I have to remind myself to step back. With ...

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A look at self-care for counselors.

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Self care and professional growth techniques are noted.

What are the two strategies that a professional counselor can use to maintain personal and professional wellness?
give a brief explanation of each of the strategies you selected and why you selected each. Then, explain how you will incorporate them into a life of a professional counselor. Be specific and provide details.

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