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    Counselor's Responsibility

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    Please read the introduction regarding counselors' professional responsibility (Section C) and impairment (Section C.2.g) in the ACA Code of Ethics and reading the Gaubitz and Vera article (See Attachment), respond to the following:
    1. Summarize your understanding of these two sections of the ethical code.
    2. Describe how you will recognize your own physical, mental, and emotional impairments while in training and while practicing as a professional counselor.
    3. Provide an analysis of the emotional barriers to your own self-care.
    4. Give some examples of steps you can take to address these barriers and to provide improved care to yourself.

    350 words or more with scholarly refences

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    . Summarize your understanding of these two sections of the ethical code.

    The American Counseling Association (ACA, 2005) as a professional organization sets forth guidelines stipulating that counselors practice only within boundaries of their competence relative to education, training and appropriate professional experience. In a paraphrase of the introduction to the section, "Knowledge of Standards, counselors are to be open, honest and accurate in their communication with the public and other professionals. To remain knowledgeable, counselors must participate in local, state and national associations that foster development. They must strive to work toward fostering changes at the individual, institutional and societal level. In addition, counselors must be committed to research and engage in "self-care activities to maintain and promote their emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being focused on meeting their professional obligations.

    Further, Section C.2.g of the ACA (2005) states that counselors should be alert to the signs of impairment concerning their own ...

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