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Case Study/Effective Characteristics

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I need at least two effective characteristics and/or behaviors in the case study and explain why they were effective.
I need at least two ineffective characteristics and/or behaviors and explain why they were ineffective.
Explain what impact the presence of effective and ineffective characteristics/behaviors might make on the session in the case study.

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(1) Effective characteristics and behaviors

(a) CO: " It seems that you would like to come home to a peaceful environment after a stressful day of work, and when home is stressful, too, you let out all of your frustrations".
This is an effective strategy early on in the interview, because it reflects probing for more information. It shows concern on the part of the counselor, and indicates that he or she understand what the client is experiencing. Most important, the probing technique prompts the client to open up and provide more information that can use useful in resolving the conflict. In fact, with the next statement, the client begins to explain what he is experiencing, and the counselor gets more information on the family, which he or she follows up with more personal information on the client's response to the problem.

(b) CL: "That I had failed. That I.... ummm, this is hard. I don't know.
CO: It is hard. You are doing a great job, though.... Talk some more about failing".

Following this statement, the counselors express empathy, and provide encouragement to the client as he finds it difficult to discuss his problems to a complete stranger (the counselor). This is a very effective strategy, because it expresses Bill's feelings that he is a failure. Those feelings appear to be based on the view that Bill does ...

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