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    Strong Interest Inventory Profile and Interpretive Report

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    If you have not already done so, review the "Strong Interest Inventory Profile and Interpretive Report," linked in the Resources for this discussion. Describe how you would present the assessment results for Jane Sample. Be certain to provide a description of what the inventory measures, including what it can and cannot determine. As a final task, incorporate Osborn's (2012) cross-cultural research to address ethical considerations in administering career assessments to diverse populations.

    250 words and include all references thanks!

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    This first part I am going to write as if I am addressing Jane Sample directly, and it will be in quotation marks. I will incorporate Osborn's (2012) cross-cultural research at the bottom.

    "Jane, we are going to go over your Strong Interest Inventory Profile results. Before I start, I want to remind you that this assessment only measured your interests and not your abilities. You might be highly interested in something but not have the skills to perform certain tasks or occupations within that interest. You need to balance your interests with your abilities.

    There are six themes that this assessment measures. You scored high in social, moderate in artistic, little in enterprising and conventional, and very little in investigative and realistic. This means you are interested in activities or projects that involve working with others, involve helping others, where you can be creative, and gives you the chance to be understanding. You are ...

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    A sample person's results for the Strong Interest Inventory Profile are given and then interpreted. Then the idea of ethnocentrism within assessments is examined.