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Claim Types in Critical Thinking

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Decide the type of claim that is made in the following statements, whether factual, verbal, interpretive, or evaluative:

1. One reading of people is that they always act out of self-interest and for their own advantage, although they sometimes try to disguise their actions as unselfish and altruistic.

2. Constantinople was famous for a thousand years as the capital of the Roman Empire.

3. By calling a corporation a person we mean that it functions like a person for purposes of law.

4. Not only would it be wrong to deprive a woman of the right to an abortion, but also it would be wrong for a baby to be born unwanted.

5. When I use the term euthanasia I intend it in its literal sense of a good death.

6. When babies feel themselves falling they demonstrate a startle pattern by immediately extending their arms and legs. This can be construed as a carryover from our anthropological past when we needed to break our fall from the trees.

7. Astronomers estimate there are hundreds of thousands of stars in our galaxy with planets capable of sustaining life.

8. Genocide is wrong whether of a people such as Jews, Croats, or Hutus or a species such as elephants, whales or buffalo.

9. Charles Dickens wrote David Copperfield in 1849, A Tail of Two Cities in 1859.

10. The student protests in the late â??60s were due to the alienation of the youth from the establishment and the government.

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1) Interpretive--> This statement interprets human action, but does not evaluate them.
2) Factual--> This can be proven or disproven.
3) Verbal--> Statement made by a person in the first person; not telling a fact, ...

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Decide the type of claim that is made in the following statements, whether factual, verbal, interpretive, or evaluative.

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