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Psychopathology Theory

I need help selecting a psychopathology theory in which I must describe, explain one strength and one weakness, and how it aligns or doesn't align with the stages of change model described by Prochaska and Norcross (2001).

Counseling, Ethics and Minors

Maria is a 32 year old, Latina woman. Her child, Rosalinda, age 6, was referred to counseling after having been exposed to domestic violence (Maria reports having been the victim) in the home. Maria is separated from Rosalinda's father who is the alleged perpetrator in the domestic violence. When Maria brought Rosalinda to

Abnormal behavior influence-you, family, work

How can abnormal behavior influence you, your family and your workplace? Explain how the presence of certain abnormal behaviors can have a negative impact. (200-300 words with at least one credible reference)


-How would you incorporate the DSM-IV-TR into the assessment phase with a couple or family? (Include the Relational "V-Codes" and the GARF Scale) -what is the purpose of the GARF scale? - Would you also formulate a separate DSM-IV-TR diagnosis for any of the individuals you see in a couple or family? Why or why not? -What are

Formulating Diagnoses

-What is the best approach to take in formulating diagnoses when working with couples and families? Why? - What factors are important to assess or diagnose in families or couples in order to make effective choices about therapy goals and interventions? - What specific diagnostic processes would you use during your assessment o

DSM-IV-TR 5-Axis Diagnosis

To complete a DSM-IV-TR diagnosis by the end of the second session you will need to begin collecting relevant information during the first appointment with this client. A counselor working in a community mental health clinic. List each of the five DSM-IV-TR axes (no formal DSM-IV-TR diagnosis needed) What is the purpose of

Physical Drives: Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Are drug and alcohol addiction just like any other physical craving, for example hunger, thirst, or sex? What are the neurological mechanisms all these drives have in common? Does the body go through the same physiological processes and responses regardless of the type of craving? How are they similar? How are they different?

Disorders first diagnosed in childhood

Discuss the ethics of prescribing psychotropic medications to children. What guidelines would you use to decide whether or not to recommend such medications? Provide the rationale for your response based on scientific evidence from a professional literature.

Mental professionals and the role of difference

There are different ways people handle socio-cultural influences regarding addiction. I agree that a child will either follow the path of their parent's influence or go the opposite direction. It seems logical that the younger they are, the more they are influenced by example and the less they know better. Once a child or teen

Brief statement on mood swings

Mood swings can have many various causes. In the case of the friend I was discussing, he showed little problems until he hit his teenage years. It was hard to diagnose his condition as natural changes in body can cause a variation in behavior. Once he knew what he had however, it was easier to be around him. He was very aware of

Seasonal Affective Disorder

I found it very interesting what you wrote Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), I made me think about myself. Every year around the month of September I began to get really depressed. It usually last for a few weeks and then goes away. I had heard a while back that fall season is when you have the most suicides. People tend to get

Modeling effects and children

Soneonce bring up participant modeling as a form of exposure therapy to treat specific phobias. When I was reading about this in the text, I felt that this could be a really wonderful form of treatment with a very severe case of specific phobia. Some people with a severe phobia might not be able to handle direct contact with t

The Single-Case Design

The single-case design is not only used in controlled clinical research. It is also informally applied by the physicians we see every day. Are there strengths and weaknesses here?

ABAB design

Why are ABAB design helpful to clinicans and reseachers?

Analysis for therapy

VIGNETTE ONE Session One Jack is a 28 year old male of American Indian heritage. He grew up on an Arizona reservation. Both parents were alcoholics. Jack moved to a major East Coast city where he attended college. Jack is currently married. He and his wife are expecting their first child. Jack comes to therapy upon su

Placebo Response

What does it indicate about the mind-body interaction if during a clinical trial a placebo were to demonstrate the desired response in 30% of the subjects? Please provide at least 300 words in your response. Thanks!

I need help answering the following....

Please answer the following as best as possible. The notion of abnormal behavior implies the existence of normal behavior. Please discuss the difficulties inherent in defining abnormal behavior or, for that matter, normal behavior. thank you

'Delusions and Delusional Reasoning'

See article attached 'Delusions and delusional reasoning' I have questions re this article: ? What is the purpose of the study? ? What is the problem, theory, and/or research context that gave rise to the study. ? What is the research question(s) and major hypotheses. ? What are the methods used: e.g., subjects, measure

Physiological Psychology

These are discussion board questions that only require brief answers. Please help me write responses for: NEUROANATOMICAL STRUCTURE Based on the text, describe the functioning of one neuroanatomical structure, its relation to other structures, and the types of cognitive/behavioral deficits that might be observed with dama

Ranking the Health Hazards of Drugs

The 5 commonly abused drugs are: alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, cocaine and heroin. I would like to add methamphetamine to that list since it has recently become recognized as a significant problem. If you had to compare the direct health hazards of these six substances, how would you rank them in order of dangerousness and why

Philosophy of Psychiatry

What is a fugueur? What is fugue disorder? What is the distinction between epileptic and hysterical fugue disorder? Why doe Hacking select fugue disorder to elucidate psychiatric diagnosis? Why does he not use a disorder more familiar to us? Explain how popular travel was part of the ecological niche of fugue disorder. What soc


Philosophical views on consciousness - functionalism and structularism

Philosophy of Psychiatry

Explain the distinction between type identity and token identity. What implications does it have for psychiatry?

Philosophy of Psychology

What is the identity theory? What is the distinction between substance identity and property identity?