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    What is seasonal affective disorder

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    I found it very interesting what you wrote Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), I made me think about myself. Every year around the month of September I began to get really depressed. It usually last for a few weeks and then goes away. I had heard a while back that fall season is when you have the most suicides. People tend to get depressed more around this time of the year because you are dealing with the upcoming holidays. I know that I am not a manic depressive or anything like that, but for some reason or another I am always affected during that time. The month of September is when I was born as well. Why do you think that this tends to happen? What could be your explanation for this?

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    There are two trains of thought when trying to explain Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The first s the amount of holidays around the fall and winter seasons. They are holidays were most gift buying and giving take place as well as a lot of time spent with family and loved ones. Even when they do not have the money most people feel an obligation to got out and buy buy buy, more than they really can afford. ...

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