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    1. Define neurotransmitters and describe their role in neurotransmission. Discuss how they are released, how they affect receiving neurons, and how they are removed from receptor sites. 2. Pick one neurotransmitter and discuss the effect it has on our bodies. Also discuss the transmitter's connection with disease or

    What is psychopathology?

    What is psychopathology? How has the field of psychopathology evolved over the past 100 years? Which milestone in the past 100 years is the most significant in the field of psychopathology? Why?

    I need help answering the following....

    Please answer the following as best as possible. The notion of abnormal behavior implies the existence of normal behavior. Please discuss the difficulties inherent in defining abnormal behavior or, for that matter, normal behavior. thank you

    'Delusions and Delusional Reasoning'

    See article attached 'Delusions and delusional reasoning' I have questions re this article: ? What is the purpose of the study? ? What is the problem, theory, and/or research context that gave rise to the study. ? What is the research question(s) and major hypotheses. ? What are the methods used: e.g., subjects, measure

    Physiological Psychology

    These are discussion board questions that only require brief answers. Please help me write responses for: NEUROANATOMICAL STRUCTURE Based on the text, describe the functioning of one neuroanatomical structure, its relation to other structures, and the types of cognitive/behavioral deficits that might be observed with dama

    Ranking the Health Hazards of Drugs

    The 5 commonly abused drugs are: alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, cocaine and heroin. I would like to add methamphetamine to that list since it has recently become recognized as a significant problem. If you had to compare the direct health hazards of these six substances, how would you rank them in order of dangerousness and why

    Philosophy of Psychiatry

    What is a fugueur? What is fugue disorder? What is the distinction between epileptic and hysterical fugue disorder? Why doe Hacking select fugue disorder to elucidate psychiatric diagnosis? Why does he not use a disorder more familiar to us? Explain how popular travel was part of the ecological niche of fugue disorder. What soc


    Philosophical views on consciousness - functionalism and structularism

    Philosophy of Psychiatry

    Explain the distinction between type identity and token identity. What implications does it have for psychiatry?

    Philosophy of Psychology

    What is the identity theory? What is the distinction between substance identity and property identity?

    Type of Design in Variables

    Susan has two independent variables, each with two levels. Each of her participants takes part in all of the four conditions. What type of design does Susan have? a. Four-way between subjects b. Four-way within subjects c. Two way between-subjects d. Two-way within subjects