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    The Definition of Abnormal Behavior

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    Please answer the following as best as possible.

    The notion of abnormal behavior implies the existence of normal behavior.
    Please discuss the difficulties inherent in defining abnormal behavior or, for that matter, normal behavior.

    thank you

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    The word abnormal means "away from normal". By its very definiton, we state the obvious presence of normality. Normality and abnormality are the two ends of a continuum. This raises a veryimportant question. The debate across the ages has been about the deciding authority on normal behavior. Who is to decide what is normal and what is abnormal?

    History is replete with examples on the fluctuating nature of socially accepted behaviors. What is normal and common in one culture may not be so in another. Even witin the same culture what is normal at point in time may not be so at a later point in time. The question then is whether we are correct when we classify or categorise someone as abnormal. the inherent dangers of such labeling in society cant be emphasised enough. In spite of this how do ...

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