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Characteristics of abnormality

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Why is abnormality so difficult to define? What characteristics help us recognize abnormality?

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One succinct definition of abnormality is difficult to pinpoint because of various factors. For one, different cultures may have different definitions of what constitutes abnormal behavior. What one group of people would consider unacceptable, another may find no problem with. In addition, within any culture, there are always a group of subcultures exist where individuals might practice abnormal behavior only within that ...

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This solution includes a short explanation of why abnormality is difficult to define with reference to social norms. This solution also provides clarification as to why abnormality is difficult to define through a list of factors and characteristics that might cause someone to be labeled as abnormal in the context of psychology. Additionally, a current example is given for further clarification on this topic. There are roughly 270 words of notes provided within this solution.