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    Abnormal Behavior: Gender and Sexual Preferences/Practices

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    I am doing an essay on abnormal behavior and the topic I chose is gender and sexual preferences/practices. I need help pointing me in the right direction on how to even get started. I need to explain how classifications of abnormal behavior can vary widely based on situational factors. I also need to define abnormal and normal behavior with this challenge.

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    A definition of "abnormal" psychology is "the analysis of problematic behavior, of behavior that somehow fails to meet the requirements of adaption and of social acceptability" (Carson, Butcher & Mineka, p. 3). Given this definition, what behaviors that are considered "abnormal" is quite dynamic as they change over time and/or location. Your choice of topics is a prime example. In Papua New Guinea, homosexuality is an element of a boy's rite of passage to manhood. Ancient cultures (ie. Roman and Egyptian) and other cultures have been known to live LGBT lifestyles. The men had wives for procreation purposes but also had two lovers, one female and one male, outside of the ...

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    This solution defines abnormal and normal behavior and discusses the topic of gender and sexual preferences/practices. Two references are provided.