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    Double Consciousness & Multiple Personalities

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    What is the difference between double consciousness and multiple personalities? Also, what is "transient mental illness?"

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    1. What is the difference between double consciousness and multiple personalities?

    In psychology, double consciousness (also refered to as dissociation), a defense mechanism in which a group of mental processes are segregated from the rest of a person's mental activity in order to avoid emotional distress, as in the dissociative disorders, or in which an idea or object is segregated from its emotional significance; in the first sense it is roughly equivalent to splitting, in the second, to isolation. 4. a defect of mental integration in which one or more groups of mental processes become separated off from normal consciousness and, thus separated, function as a unitary whole (http://www.websters-online-dictionary.org/MV/di/dissociation.html). However, it is the separation of processes (e.g., learn to dissociate when being abused, means that your mind puts you in a state where you are not present to avoid the pain of being abuse, which is common for childhood sexual abuse victims, who do not remember these events until much later in adult life), not a complete different personality. However, there is a link, because double consciousness over time is implicated in the manifestations of multiple personalities and MPD. However, this is not always the case. The defense mechanism can remain an unconscious coping mechanism, without manifesting as full blown MPD.

    Example: Racism

    Double consciousness is one way you are made aware that you are different from other people, whether it be in class or race, and you are left out of the in crowd because of those factors. And, no matter what, you are always aware of your position in life; you are always aware of your status. And you are constantly reminded that everyone else is better than you. For instance, when children are small they learn their first words from their parents and, depending on what type of family you were raised in, your first word could be just about any word you hear frequently. Double consciousness comes in much later in a child's life. When children go to school they become aware of standard English and they are forced to speak properly in school. But as soon as the child leaves school he or she knows that it is okay for them talk however they'd like (http://www.csudh.edu/dearhabermas/dubois03.htm).

    Now let's make that same child an African American child. When that same child goes to school he/she may try to speak standard English, but because his/ her parents don't speak proper English the way that the child is being taught it becomes extremely hard for the child to deal with the transitions at school. The child is then made aware that he/she is stupid or dumb by peers and ridiculed by teachers. The child is then made aware that he/she is different, and that is when double consciousness comes into play. These experiences turn children of many different cultures and races away from learning. And this is where we as a society lose. These authors feel it is wrong to single people out and make them feel out of place or unwanted because they are ...

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    This solution discusses the difference between double consciousness and multiple personalities and also explains the concept of a "transient mental illness."