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    Disassociative and Sexual /Gender Identity Disorders

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    1. Is sexual orientation conversion therapy ethical? Once you answered that question, answer this: All of you are attracted to either males or females or perhaps both. Do you think that with the help of therapy you could change your sexual orientation?

    2. Does Dissociative Identity Disorder exist? How might you assess its presence? Provide the rationale for your response based on scientific evidence from a professional literature.

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    1. In most cases sexual orientation therapy may not be ethical because it is likely to do more harm than good. People who choose to seek this type of therapy may be going against who they really are since people generally are born with their sexual orientation. Also it may exploit guilt and anxiety resulting in damaging one's self esteem which could lead to depression and suicide. Further this form of therapy is likely to lead to negative views about sexual orientation. Whether or not therapy could change my sexual orientation ...