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Individual differences in organizations

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Task Name: Phase 1 Discussion Board

Details: You meet on a semi-regular basis with a managerial networking group. This time, there's a speaker who proposes that performance can be conceptualized as resulting from a combination of individual differences such as personality and ability and the situational context.

After her talk, the question and answer session evolves into a discussion of when one might expect individual differences or situational context to be more influential on performance.

Objective: Describe how individual differences influence organizational activities.
Use effective communication techniques.

Phase I DB - Individuals in Organizations

Specifically, you need to consider:

All work submitted should always be written per APA expectations (paragraph/sentence structure, double spacing, proper grammar, title, abstract and reference pages, in text citations, appropriate introduction and conclusion paragraphs, spell out acronyms the first time it appears in your writing, write out numbers ten and below, etc.), and please

The task evolves around a question and answer communication, so you need to present your work in that manner.

You need to include a mention of the managerial networking group meeting, and a short overview of what the speaker talked about.

In the Q and A discussion, be sure to include the concepts mentioned, specifically, performance can be conceptualized as resulting from a combination of individual differences such as personality and ability, and the situational context.

Also, you need to specifically discuss when one might expect individual differences or situational contexts to be more influential on performance.

You will need to use MS Word to complete this assignment.

Be sure to use at least two resources for EVERY assignment and properly cite your work.

Always check your grammar/spelling before submitting your work.

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At the networking meeting a speaker related that all situations are guided, resolved, created by the personalities of the individual and the situational context. This is obviously true since it is the people involved and situation that are at stake. It would be most likely that personality is the most prevalent in situations that meet the needs of the individual's agenda. In situations where blame is involved, again personalities will be important as it ...

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A discussion on how individual differences can influence an organization's activities using both information on personalities and situational context.

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