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Hegel on women and family

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Please explain what Hegel's teaching on women and the family is?

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Hegel on women and the family

According to Hegel, outside of the family one can be an "independent person" (as a "self-sufficient unit," possessor of rights and interests, etc.) at the same moment that one is a member of any extra-familial social unit. There is, in other words, no incompatibility between conceiving oneself as individual and conceiving oneself as a member of civil society and of the state. There is, however, an incompatibility between one's conception of oneself as an individual and one's conception of oneself as a family member, within the family itself. (That is to say, one's conception of oneself as a family member is not necessarily incompatible with one's conception of oneself as a citizen outside the realm of the family - though it must be noted that this distinction is limited in its relevance to the males 'heads' of family. This will be addressed below.) Within the family the 'standpoint of contract' is transcended to the extent that one's 'independent personhood' recedes from presence, leaving only the experience of membership.

The family, for Hegel, is a unity: it is a single (legal) person (Philosophy of ...

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The solution explains what Hegel's teaching on women and the family is.

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