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    Brief statement on mood swings

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    Mood swings can have many various causes. In the case of the friend I was discussing, he showed little problems until he hit his teenage years. It was hard to diagnose his condition as natural changes in body can cause a variation in behavior. Once he knew what he had however, it was easier to be around him. He was very aware of the condition and would let us know if he felt the situation or his feelings becoming out of whack so he could adjust it, either with medication or some time alone to get his head straight. "The initial manic episode may be followed by a normal period, then by a depressed episode, than a normal period, and so forth" (Alloy et al, 2005). One of the most interesting things I noticed about him was that his hands always were shaking> I am not talking about a slight shift when someone tries to hold their hand still showing how calm they are, I mean a noticeable shake that made it hard for him to do any sort of work with his hands that required precision.

    When a condition has serious effects on an individual, sometimes their life is changed to where they can hold the traditional roles of supporting themselves. At what point, if ever, should the government step in financially?

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    Since the establishment of the ADA (Americans with Disability Act) the government and other supporting agencies have set-up guidelines and definitions of when a person is disabled and level of degree of the disability. That degree of ...

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    Brief statement on mood swings with reference. The expert examines depressed episodes for people with mood swings and the effects of medication.