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Radioactive Decay Series

A radioactive decay series that begins with 237/93 Np ends with formation of the stable isotope 209/83 Bi. How many alpha particle emissions and how many beta particle emissions are involved in the sequence of radioactive decay?

Atomic spectra

In a Rutherford scattering experiment, an alpha particle (charge = +2e) heads directly toward a gold nucleus (charge = +79e). The alpha particle has a kinetic energy of 5.0 MeV when very far (r to infinity) from the nucleus. Assuming the gold nucleus to be fixed in space, determine the distance of the closest approach. Use co

Calculation of Force of Interaction

Two hydrophobic glass slides measuring 1 cm x 1 cm x 1 mm are floating on water with their sides parallel to each other. Estimate the force of interaction between the solids as a function of their separation distance. Assume that the intrinsic contact angle of the water is 110 degrees. What I mean by the intrinsic contact a

pH, Decay, Temperature Questions

1. The critical temperature of a substance is the a) temperature at which the vapor pressure of liquid is equal to the external pressure b) temperature at which the vapor pressure of the liquid is equal to 760mm Hg. c) temperature at which the solid liquid in vapor phases are in equilibrium d) temperature at which the liqu

Elastic collision

A block of mass m = 2.32 kg slides down an alpha = 29.2° incline which is h = 3.56 m high. At the bottom, it strikes a block of mass M = 7.06 kg which is at rest on a horizontal surface (see drawing in attached Word document). If the collision is elastic, and friction can be ignored, determine the velocity of the smaller block

Electricity and magentism questions.

This is for Jhansi, Utter Pradesh, India OTA ID#103642 ONLY no others please.... Here are all the questions 1.After bungee jumping off a bridge, a person begins to swing as a pendulum, the rope being 77m long. The person's speed is 14m/s as it passes through it lowest point. A). Find the height to which it rises above thi