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    Pu Decays by Alpha Emission

    Pu decays by alpha emission. The isotope's half-life is 2.4 x 10(exponent 4) yr. How many alpha particles are emitted per second by 25mg of Pu?

    Electricity and magentism questions.

    This is for Jhansi, Utter Pradesh, India OTA ID#103642 ONLY no others please.... Here are all the questions 1.After bungee jumping off a bridge, a person begins to swing as a pendulum, the rope being 77m long. The person's speed is 14m/s as it passes through it lowest point. A). Find the height to which it rises above thi

    Several Problems with different topics: Magnetism, Electricity, etc.

    I need the process and the answers to the solutions. Not just the way to get the answers but also the values inserted in the process followed by a Answer = . Please take your time because I've gotten some way off answers and it cost me points on my test because I was mislead on my homework. I wrote this before and I am inclu

    Thermal expansion of aircraft carrier in the Mediterranea Sea

    A steel aircraft carrier is 370m long when moving through the icy North Atlantic at a temperature of 2.0 degrees Celsius. By how much does the carrier lengthen when it is traveling in the warm Mediterranean Sea at a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius?