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Mass Converted per Hour Speed of an Alpha Particle

1. A certain nuclear power plant is capable of producing 1.0 X 10^9 W of electric power. During operation of the reactor, mass is converted to energy. How much mass is converted per hour if the efficiency of the plant is 30%?

2. What must be the speed of an alpha particle that has the same momentum as a neutron traveling with a speed v = 0.90c? The mass of the alpha is malpha= 6.64 X 10^-27kg, and the mass of the neutron is mneutron=1.67 X 10^-27 kg.

3. A particle of mass m0 moves with a speed of 2.5 X 10^8 m/s relative to an observer. What is the kinetic energy of the particle in the rest frame of the observer?

4. A particle's total energy is five times its rest-mass energy. How fast is the particle traveling?

5. The red light emitted by hydrogen has a wavelength of 656nm measured in the laboratory. An astronomer studying a distanst star observes light at a lower wavelength, which she believes is hydrogen light that been Doppler-shifted because of the star's motion. (a) Is the star moving toward of away from her? (b) If the star is moving at a speed of 40,000 km/s, what is the observed wavelength of the light?