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    Accelerated particles: maximum kinetic energies in a cyclotron

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    If a cylcotron is capable of accelerating protons to 100MeV, maximum.

    What are the "approximate" maximum kinetic energies to which deuterons and alpha particles can be accelerated? I feel its just a simple proportional mass and velocity difference but I wonder if the difference in charge in cylotron is also considered?

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    Since the rest mass of a proton is about 1000 MeV we can say that these particles are NOT relativistic.

    In a cyclotron the magnetic field keeps the particle in an ever-expanding circular orbit while the electric field is responsible for the acceleration of the charged particle.

    The magnetic field has no effect on the energy of the particle (again, its only purpose is to make the particles path spiral ...

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    This solution discusses cyclotron and accelerating protons.