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Physics questions involving magnetic field, electron, proton

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I got the solution but the problem is I don't know how i can put it in the worksheet. It is really not helping me.. can you please write which answer is for which question and which part?

Like question 1 part a. ______
Please show me the diagrams for each question.

I am aware that the solution is present, I just don't know where to write it in the worksheet. I don't understand which answer is for which question.

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You got the first question right. But for 1a, the blue vector should be B since the magnetic field and velocity are asked for the sketch not the force and the velocity. For 1b; F=qxvxB in which q=1.6x10-19C, B=2T and v=1.5x10+5m/s. If you multiply them you will get the force. Direction ...

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The expert examines magnetic fields, electrons and protons.

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