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Statistics and Probability

Hello. Can anybody help me with these 6 example questions that were created. I want to use them as a study guide. 1. 45 Human Resource major students and 25 Culinary Arts major students had arrived. What is the empirical probability that the next student to come will be a Human Resource Major? 2. A box contains four red

Probability Computations for SImulation Tables

The time between arrivals of customers to a gas station pump is given by the following probability distribution time between arivals (min) probability 1 0.1 2 0.2 3 0.5 4 0.2 The time required by a customer is given by the following probability distri

Probability: Social Security Numbers

Can anybody help me with this two examples problems. Some of them are giving me a lot of numbers which it should give me a few numbers comparing them to the other results I was manage to do. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Social Security Numbers Each social security n

Probability Owner Computers

1. Letter and Digit. A new computer owner creates a password consisting of two characters. She randomly selects a letter of the alphabet for the first character and a digit (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) for the second character. What is the probability that her password is "k9"? Would this password be effective as a deterrent against so

Probability puzzle

A prison has 20 balls, 10 black and 10 white. The prisoner is to arrange the balls in 2 boxes. All of the balls must be used and there must be at least one ball in each box. An executioner will select one box at random and then one ball at random from the chosen box. The prisoner is set free if the ball is white and executed if

Conditional Probability Problem

Please help with the following probability problem. You are a member of a class of 18 students. A bowl contains 18 chips: 1 blue and 17 red. Each student is to take 1 chip from the bowl without replacement. The student who draws the blue chip is guaranteed an A for the course. (a) If you have a choice of drawing first, fi


A box contains five blue, eight green, and three yellow marbles. If a marble is selected at random, what is the probability that it is yellow?

Probabilities and Normal Distributions

Part I T/F & Multiple Choice 1. The sum of all probabilities in any discrete probability distribution is not always exactly one, since some of the probabilities may be slightly larger than one. ___ T/F 2. In any binomial probability experiment, independent trials mean that the result of one trial does not affect the prob

Decision Making and Probability

1. The probability of an event a. is the sum of the probabilities of the sample points in the event. b. is the product of the probabilities of the sample points in the event. c. is the maximum of the probabilities of the sample points in the event. d. is the minimum of the probabilities of the sample points in the event.

Random Variables, Probability Distributions, Normal and Binomial Distributions

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. 1. Explain the difference between a discrete and a continuous random variable. Give two examples of each type of random variable. 2. Determine whether each of the distributions given below represents a probability distribution. Justify your answer. a

Data and Probability

1. How many variations in first-, second-, and third-place finishes are possible in a 100-yd dash with 6 runners? 2. In a Chinese restaurant, the menu lists 8 items in Column A and 6 items in column B. To order a dinner, the diner is told to select 3 items from column A and 2 from column B. How many dinners are possible?

Probability and Expected Value

Questions - u12 The questions are to be answered with full solutions. Be sure to focus on proper mathematical form, including: 1. One equal sign per line, 2. Equal signs in each question lined up vertically with each other, 3. No self-developed short form notations, 4. One step or idea per line, 5. Show complete solut

Probability calculation based on frequency approach

The questions are to be answered with full solutions. Be sure to focus on proper mathematical form, including: 1. One equal sign per line, 2. Equal signs in each question lined up vertically with each other, 3. No self-developed short form notations, 4. One step or idea per line, 5. Show complete solution to the given p

Mean, Median, Mode, Standard Deviation and Probability

Res 341 - Quiz for Week 4 MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. Find the mean for the given sample data. Unless otherwise specified, round your answer to one more decimal place than that used for the observations. 1) 13, 20, 16, 13, 14 1) A) 13 B) 15.2 C) 19

Probability and Data Collection

1. Suppose you have 4 nickels, 6 dimes, and 4 quarters in your pocket. If you draw a coin randomly from your pocket, what is the probability that a. You will draw a dime? b. You will draw a nickel? c. You will draw a quarter? 2. You are rolling a pair of dice, one red and one green. What is the probability of the follow

Airplane queue problem

DFL airport has a single runway which is used exclusively to land airplanes. Airplanes that wish to land form a queue (a moving queue) in which airplanes join the end of a straight line stretching in the back of the runway. The airplane in front of the line is the next airplane scheduled to land. Such a line can stretch to a len


Please show all steps for clarification. Find the probability that the 2-card hand described above contains the following: 1. Two aces 2. At least one ace 3. All spades

Basic Probability Questions

I need some step-by-step help for the following three basic problems. 1. A group of 8 professors and 5 administrators must select a team of 6 people from the group. They decide to select the team members randomly by drawing names from a hat. What is the probability that the selected team will consist of equal numbers of profe

Modeling and Simulation

Anwer the following questions in the attached file: Problem 15-14 Problem 15-16 Problem 15-17 - See the separate attachment for Solve Problem 15-1 (15-14) Clark Property Management is responsible for the 4 maintenance, rental, and day-to-day operation of a large apartment complex on the east side of New Orleans. George C


[1] On a recent English test, students were given the names of four authors and four novels (one author one title), and asked to match each novel, with the correct author. If a student just guesses randomly, what is the probability of getting zero, one, two, three or four correct? [2] You are to select two cards one at a ti

Poisson distribution for patients at Costa Valley Hospital

Patients arrive at the emergency room of Costa Valley Hospital at an average of 5 per day. The demand for emergency room treatment at Costa Valley follows a Poisson distribution. a. Using appendix C, compute the probability of exactly 0,1,2,3,4 and 5 arrivals per day. b. What is the sum of these probabilities and why is th


The Springfield Kings (a professional basketball team), has won 12 of its last 20 games and is expected to continue winning at the same percentage rate. The team's ticket manager is anxious to attract a large crowd to tomorrow's game but believes that depends on how well the Kings perform tonight against the Galveston Comets. He

Probability problems

1. The telephone extensions at a company use 4 digits. a. How many extensions are possible if there are no restrictions? b. How many extensions are possible if the first digit cannot be 0 or 9? c. How many extensions are possible if the first digit can only be 1? 2. You are choosing a computer password. The password ha

Probability problems

See attached A flu vaccine has a probability of 80% of preventing a person who is inoculated from getting the flu....

Probability and Poisson Distributions

A total of M cells are exposed to X-ray radiation. X-rays produce chromosome breakages in cells. For each individual cell i Є {1, .. . , M}, the number N2 of breakages has a Poisson distribution with parameter A (the random variables N are independent). Each breakage has a probability q of healing perfectly, a probability

Probability : Insurance Policy

Someone purchases a liability insurance policy, and the probability that they will make a claim on that policy is equal to 0.1. The insurance payout is the amount of money the insurance company must pay if the holder of the policy files a claim. So, if no claim is made, then the insurance payout is just $0; however, whenever a c

Probability and Decision Trees

1. A mail order company tracks the number of returns it receives each day. Information for the last 50 days shows Number of returns Number of days 0 - 99 6 100 - 199 20 200 - 299 15 300 or more 9 a. How many sample points are there? b. List and

Queueing Problem

Service station cars arive randomly at a rate of 1 car every 30 min. the average time to change oil on a car is 20 min. both the time between arrivals and service time can be modeled using the negative exponential Poisson distribution. This shop only has one garage and one oil change person on duty at any given time. a) On