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    Dart Board Probability

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    Assume a dart board with 4 scoring areas worth 20 pts, 10 pts, 5 pts and zero pts.
    Person A has the following likelihood with each dart:
    20 pts - 50%
    10 pts - 15%
    5 pts - 15%
    0 pts - 20%

    Person B has the following likelihood per dart:
    20 pts - 20%
    10 pts - 20%
    5 pts - 10%
    0 pts - 50%

    Question: If Player A gets to throw 2 darts and Player B gets to throw 5 darts, how do you calculate the probability of Player A or Player B getting the highest total score?

    Thank you in advance

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    To find the expected number of points for each throw for each person, multiply the probability times the number of ...

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