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    A number of probablity problems and solutions

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    Problems involving determining probabilities and chance, odds on and odds against certain outcomes

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    Odds of the ball selected being N29 is 1 in total number of balls, or 1 in 50
    ie Probablity of N29 = 1/50

    therefore the odds against it being N29 is 1 - Probablity of it being N29

    Odds against it being N29 = 1 - 1/50 = 49/50

    Since the probability of selling a car and not selling a car today must add up to 1

    The Probability against selling a car today is {1 - probability of selling a car}

    Therefore probability against selling the car = 1 - 0.36 = 0.64

    Probability of the dart hitting any of the cash amounts is proportional to the area occupied by those amounts on the dart board divided by total dart board

    As can be seen area occupied by $20 is 1/4 of the area of the dart board so Odds on ...

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    A number of text book solutions using rules of probability.