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Find the probability of a dart landing in one of three plane figures in a rectangular board.

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On a 12 by 20 rectangular board, three plane figures are drawn: a square 6 on a side , a circle with radius 4 and an equilateral triangle that is 8 on a side. If a dart is thrown that does hit the large rectangle what is the probabillity that it hits inside one of the three plane figures? (Landing on the side of a figure counts as being in the figure). Leave as a percent.

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The probability of a dart landing in one of three plane figures in a rectangular board is found.

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The area of the board is Sb=22x20=240
The probability is the ratio of the specific shape's are to the total area of the board.

Think of it this way:
Divid the board to n little square with the same areas. Each square has the same probability to get hit:


But in every ...

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