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    1. Of 23 college sophomores at Crocodile Community College, 12 preferred pepperoni pizza, 7 preferred supreme, and 4 preferred cheese. If we picked a college sophomore at Crocodile Community College at random, what is the probability that he or she would prefer supreme? Give solution exactly in reduced fraction form.

    2. If the probability of seeing moose in a day in a certain region of Alaska is 0.29, what is the probability of not seeing any moose in a day there?

    3. If the odds of winning a raffle are 7:229, what is the probability of winning?

    4. According to the U. S. Census Bureau, the total 2008 U.S. population was 303,824,640. The chart below summarizes the 2008 population for five U.S. States.

    U. S. State 2008 Population
    Missouri 5,911,605
    Pennsylvania 12,448,279
    Tennessee 6,214,888
    Utah 2,736,424
    Washington 6,549,224

    SOURCE: U. S. Census Bureau
    What is the probability that a randomly selected U.S. resident did not live in Missouri? Show step by step work. Round solution to the nearest thousandth.

    5. A simple dartboard has three areas... the main board has a radius of 10 inches, there is a circle with a radius of 7 inches, and the bullseye has a radius of 3 inches. What is the probability of a random dart landing inside the bullseye?

    6. A certain drawing states that the odds of winning are 15:270. What would be the odds against winning?

    7. The property restoration company PuroServ is considering switching to new dehumidifiers. Their market research, considering the cost of the new machines and their efficiency, tells them that the switch would give them a 72% chance of making a $20,000 profit, a 14% chance of breaking even, and a 14% chance of losing $5,000. How much money does PuroServ expect to make with their new purchase?

    8. Last fall, a gardener planted 55 iris bulbs. She found that only 45 of the bulbs bloomed in the spring.
    a. Find the empirical probability that an iris bulb of this type will bloom. Give answer as a fraction in lowest terms.
    b. How many of the bulbs should she plant next fall if she would like at least 51 to bloom?

    9. A community 5K run will award $50 to the winner. 55 people enter the race, and they each pay an entry fee of $20. Assuming they are all equally likely to win, what is a fair price for the competition? Round to the nearest cent.

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