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Poisson distribution for patients at Costa Valley Hospital

Patients arrive at the emergency room of Costa Valley Hospital at an average of 5 per day. The demand for emergency room treatment at Costa Valley follows a Poisson distribution. a. Using appendix C, compute the probability of exactly 0,1,2,3,4 and 5 arrivals per day. b. What is the sum of these probabilities and why is th


The Springfield Kings (a professional basketball team), has won 12 of its last 20 games and is expected to continue winning at the same percentage rate. The team's ticket manager is anxious to attract a large crowd to tomorrow's game but believes that depends on how well the Kings perform tonight against the Galveston Comets. He

Probability problems

1. The telephone extensions at a company use 4 digits. a. How many extensions are possible if there are no restrictions? b. How many extensions are possible if the first digit cannot be 0 or 9? c. How many extensions are possible if the first digit can only be 1? 2. You are choosing a computer password. The password ha

Probability problems

See attached A flu vaccine has a probability of 80% of preventing a person who is inoculated from getting the flu....

Probability and Poisson Distributions

A total of M cells are exposed to X-ray radiation. X-rays produce chromosome breakages in cells. For each individual cell i Є {1, .. . , M}, the number N2 of breakages has a Poisson distribution with parameter A (the random variables N are independent). Each breakage has a probability q of healing perfectly, a probability

Probability : Insurance Policy

Someone purchases a liability insurance policy, and the probability that they will make a claim on that policy is equal to 0.1. The insurance payout is the amount of money the insurance company must pay if the holder of the policy files a claim. So, if no claim is made, then the insurance payout is just $0; however, whenever a c

Probability and Decision Trees

1. A mail order company tracks the number of returns it receives each day. Information for the last 50 days shows Number of returns Number of days 0 - 99 6 100 - 199 20 200 - 299 15 300 or more 9 a. How many sample points are there? b. List and

Queueing Problem

Service station cars arive randomly at a rate of 1 car every 30 min. the average time to change oil on a car is 20 min. both the time between arrivals and service time can be modeled using the negative exponential Poisson distribution. This shop only has one garage and one oil change person on duty at any given time. a) On


A doctor finds evidence of a serious illness in a particular patient and must make a determination about whether or not to advise the patient to undergo a dangerous operation. If the patient does suffer from the illness in question, there is a 95% probability that he will die if he does not undergo the operation. If he does unde


50. U.S. Population The population of the United States by race in 2000 and the projected population by race for the year 2025 are given below (in thousands).* Race 2000 2025 White 196,700 209,900 Hispanic 32,500 56,900 Afr

Couple problem

Consider 4 couples (4 husbands and their wives) stand in random order in a line. What is the probability that no husband is lined up directly in front of or directly behind his wife?

Poisson distribution

When are the Poisson and negative exponential distributions used and What are the advantages and limitations of simulation models?

Problem Using the Monte Carlo Method

I need help with the attached problem. Also, included are all the notes regarding this method. This is all that I have to go on. I cannot figure out how to solve this problem since the instructor skipped a lot of steps when solving the example problem. If this problem will be done by hand, then we need to do 20 simulations ju

Expected Value of Perfect Information: Contract Decision-Making

A consulting firm has an option to bid on a contract that will yield $500,000 profit if it is awarded the contract. However, if the firm decides to bid on the contract and it is not awarded to the firm, it will incur a net loss of $125,000 due to the personnel cost involved in developing the contract proposal and profits lost fr

Practical uses of probability theory

What are some practical uses of probability theory ? Can you think of two examples in your work day or personal experiences ? There are two bags each containing red balls and blue balls. Bag A contains 1 red and 4 blue balls. Bag B contains 3 red and 13 blue balls. Lucky Louie says you should always choose Bag B i

Calculation of probability of an event.

Sixty percent of the employees in adepartment are women. One third of the women drive foreign cars. The rest drive domestic cars. Twenty five percent of the men in the department drive foreign cars. One person is randomly selected from the departmental files. Use this information to construct a probability table and (1) cal


13.) The probability of a newborn baby being a girl is 0.49. If four babies are born in a hospital on one day, what is the probability that all four are girls?


12.) The following table shows the weather conditions each day for the last 100 days: Snowy Days Snowy Days Rainy Days Cloudy Days Sunny Days 5 20 40 35 Based on this data: a.) What is the probability that tomorrow will be snowy? b.) What is the probability that tomorrow will be rainy or cloudy? c.) What is the probab

Quantitative Methods: Decision Tables, Probability and Expected Value

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. ESSAY. Write your answer in the space provided or on a separate sheet of paper. 1) There is a fixed cost of $50,000 to start a production process. Once the process has begun, the variable cost per unit is $25. The revenue per unit is projected to be $45. Write